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  1. I was told not by marty himself but by other people who asked him that it is going to take a long time for v10 to come out... maybe only next year
  2. Man you telling me a dude that goes to the best computer science university in the world can't fix a simple bug? PM me my friend the "Lusófona" dude is gonna help you out.
  3. Ah i love metin2 developers, reopening dead projects for a quick money grab
  4. Nah m8 all cool i just asked because v10 has been set to "out in a few days" for around 8 months now ahahah. But as i always say, take your time as long as it comes out awesome.
  5. This is the error i am getting: I just added Pet System and this happened... not sure how to fix this been a while since i touched a metin2 source.
  6. Hi everyone! First of all i have used this avatar for a really long time in other forums, communities etc... It is just a GAG but if you find it offensive and it goes agaisnt the forum rules please inform me and i shall change it! My name is Rodrigo i will be 20 years old tomorrow. I love coding currently in my second year of Computer Engineering! Not my first time signing up on this forum but i lost my account. Greeting to you all!
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