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  1. Hi, i have my maps on diffrent cores any sometimes my core 1 randomly crash, the only error i can find is: "Logout: m_aiEmpireUserCount[2] < 0" May it be a problem and if yes, how to fix it?
  2. I have problem with 4 items, ID: 1, 2, ID 178 and ID 203. I dont have any of these in mob drop, common drop or mob proto. They are dropping from metins randomly. Can you be more specific please?
  3. Hello, i have a strange bug. I dont have this item in metin drop, mob drop or common drop but it still drops from low level metins Item ID: 203 which is Edge Blade +3 http://wiki.metin-2.com/index.php/Edge_Blade Where do i fix it? I even have Wikipedia of Drop on my server and its not appearing in Wikipedia but still drops from low level metins!
  4. Hi! I wanted to protect my client from unpacking it using Foxfs, but after i pack it i have error: Thats the ONLY error i have after trying to pack it, how to fix it?
  5. Hi, i've got a problem with GM Logo and invisibility (/inv command). When i am trying to go /inv and search for cheaters/bots my GM Logo shows for a second after teleporting, as on gif: https://i.imgur.com/zbFyaUA.gifv Anybody knows how to fix it?
  6. Hi i have a problem on my server with Ninja Ambush and Fast Attack damage, it should have bonus damage when used from Stealth, but i have it bugged. http://wiki.metin-2.com/index.php/Stealth http://wiki.metin-2.com/index.php/Ambush http://wiki.metin-2.com/index.php/Fast_Attack Any fixes?
  7. Hi, i have a bug on my server when "Play Time" is not proper. Every time you log in or change your character there's diffrent amount. You log in first time and it shows (for example) 60038, you click change character and its 30023, then you log out and log in and its 0, its just completely random. Anybody knows the fix for it? Talking about this:
  8. I'd like to change the Shaman Healer "Attack up" http://wiki.metin-2.com/index.php/Attack_Up How to make it buff 2x for Shamans? Example: 140 for Warrior/Sura/Ninja, 280 for Shaman
  9. Hi! Today i have this question: How to make higher attack speed limit for characters, like 160 for shamans? (because official is 145, having more than 145 causes missing hits).
  10. Hi, i have a problem with Withdrawing Yang from Guild deposit, its not reacting to "Withdraw button", does anybody know how to fix it? (and fix it the way its not bugged for infinite withdraws) If someone have full unbugged script for fully working guild system i can think about paying.
  11. FCKING THANK YOU! After a little change of your code i made it working. THANK YOU!
  12. That's obvious for me, problem is dont know where to find that origin. Got no ideas where to look.
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