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  1. sylwek219

    Full map

    Hi community ! Im want to buy ONLY complet maps. Exp map with: client side, server side, moobs and regens. Dungeons: client side, server side, moobs, regsn and quest. If u have ONLY complete maps just send me in comment or in pm ur discord, skype Regards!
  2. Hi, I am looking for someone who will provide me with metin2 systems. Which work and have no errors. And I count on full support! Of course I will pay for the systems. If you're interested, give me your discord. Regards !
  3. Hi guys! I have problem with my mounts! Thats mean my character have 2000 hp when i use mount which give extra 1000 hp then i have 3000 hp. This is correct value. But when go teleport on other map after this i +1000 HP EXTRA. So i have 4000 hp ! Do u know how to fix this? This is my quest guys. https://pastebin.com/M6X0zqxf
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