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  1. Hi, Gdb; Can anyone help me?
  2. Hi, I have 3 errror Help me please Syser 1 ItemLoad::cannot create item by vnum xxx(itemname) (name xxx(character name ) id 170000207) CreateItem: ITEM_ID_DUP: 310011513 xxx(itemname) owner 0x0 Syserr2 EquipTo: EquipTo: item already exist (this: #71178 Mount name cell: 8 Exp Ring name) and in snow dungeon ( nemere ) some items are deleted here example ; mount, pets , costume, dragon soul items Sory my eng.
  3. Hi, I have this syser and game core :S SYSERR: Sep 16 12:08:52 :: DestroyItem: WTH! Invalid item owner. owner pointer : 0x5bfaf000 SYSERR: Sep 16 12:09:48 :: RemoveFromCharacter: Item::RemoveFromCharacter owner null and SYSERR: Sep 16 15:03:02 :: GetWear: CHARACTER::GetWear: invalid wear cell 201 SYSERR: Sep 16 15:03:02 :: Unequip: m_pOwner->GetWear() != this Help me please gdb ; #0 0x0817ad19 in ITEM_MANAGER::DestroyItem (this=0xffffa5b8, item=0x35bb35a0) at item_manager.cpp:590 590 M2_DELETE(item); [New LWP 100179] (g
  4. Hi I have wolfman problem not working 137 and 139 vnum skill horse Error : "NOT_MATCHABLE_WEAPON" PyCallClassMemberFunc(m_ppyGameWindow, "OnCannotUseSkill", Py_BuildValue("(is)", GetMainCharacterIndex(), "NOT_MATCHABLE_WEAPON")); Help me Thanks.
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