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  1. As mentioned in the title, I'm looking to buy server files that have several nice features & systems and minimal to none bugs/issues. Thanks!
  2. Hi I am trying to add skilldamage/avgdamage on a new item I just added. I already tried setting AddonType to -1 in item_proto.txt but nothing happened. Any ideas how to do it ?
  3. So upon declaring a war against another guild. I can't enter in the guild war arena through the quest for some reason (when I click Accept nothing happens on the guild war enter quest). (Here's a gif demonstration of what exactly happens) https://gyazo.com/dce3b90edd13f6d6b84d4dc284bdd891 My guild war enter quest Guild_war_join Function Note: I have MAP ALLOW for maps 110 and 111 on Game99 only Thanks
  4. Buying an autopatcher (must check & compare files w/ the ones uploaded online)
  5. So basically I want to remove the hp bar text which reveals the exact HP amount of your selected target (highlighted it in yellow) ^ Here's the part I want to remove Thank you
  6. Hi! I'm trying to compile my server source but I'm getting these errors!
  7. PM your skype, I'll help you.
  8. hi how can i fix the bonus page so instead of opening multiple times, it closes if it's open (If it's open > make it close and if it's closed > make it open)
  9. Hi, i was wondering whether I have to type gmake all everytime I want to compile something or if I can compile a specific file only. Also, do I place the compiled game and Db files in my game folder?(usr/game)
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