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  1. This seems to be a visual bug , if you mount-unmount do the mobs appear next to you?
  2. What does that have to do with the way that the weapons will be shown? What i wanted to say is , i want the weapons in the quest , to show themselves horizontally (next to each other) , not vertically ( like shown in the picture)
  3. Hello community , i have encountered this small problem while creating a smiple quest . I'm using say_item_vnum(***) function but when i place it two times , the items are not next to each other. Here is my code : quest herowep begin state start begin when letter begin send_letter("Hero Weapon") end when info or button begin say("This quest will give you a") say("starting weapon to help you") say("level up quickly, it is not the best") say("but it's something for now..") say("Choose wisely.") say_item_vnum(269) say_item_vnum(3009) local event = select("One hand weapon","Two Hand Weapon","Close") if event == 1 then pc.give_item2("269", 1) elseif event == 2 then pc.give_item2("3009",1) elseif event == 3 then return end send_letter("Hero weapon") end end end I want the function " say_item_vnum" to be next to each other , how can i do that?
  4. Hello community , i have been searching a mob_proto extractor/unpacker but many of them didn't work. Can anyone suggest an extractor that works for 40k files?
  5. It's in FileZilla , called locale.lua. It's in the same place as locale_string. I've translated locale.string and it worked , but locale.lua doesn't
  6. What's the question exactly , do you want to modify your server to do all these?
  7. You can sear You can search "Paid services" topic , i have seen a lot of people willing to create a website. Now for the cost.. you'll have to talk with them
  8. Hello Dev community! I might be doing something wrong with " Locale.lua". I'm trying to translate some stuff but they don't seem to be applied in-game , i save Locale.lua in FileZilla , i reboot the server but the translation doesn't seem to work. Any solutions would be appreciated ! Here is the problem :
  9. Worked , thanks //Solved
  10. Hello devs! While i was fixing my server i've encountered a Trade problem , the players can trade but the trade window can not be shown. Any solutions to this?
  11. Well , i do have the same VM as everyone does.. it's just i made the server from hamachi just to " build it and fix it" first. By good machine i don't really know what you mean , but at some point i would like to have a Public_ip so others can join in as well , because right now , i'm the only one who can enter the game. What will happen when i rent a dedicated server? I won't be needing VM anymore?
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