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  1. This seems to be a visual bug , if you mount-unmount do the mobs appear next to you?
  2. What exactly do i have to change?
  3. What does that have to do with the way that the weapons will be shown? What i wanted to say is , i want the weapons in the quest , to show themselves horizontally (next to each other) , not vertically ( like shown in the picture)
  4. Hello community , i have encountered this small problem while creating a smiple quest . I'm using say_item_vnum(***) function but when i place it two times , the items are not next to each other. Here is my code : quest herowep begin state start begin when letter begin send_letter("Hero Weapon") end when info or button begin say("This quest will give you a") say("starting weapon to help you") say("level up quickly, it is not the best") say("but it's something f
  5. Hello community , i have been searching a mob_proto extractor/unpacker but many of them didn't work. Can anyone suggest an extractor that works for 40k files?
  6. It's in FileZilla , called locale.lua. It's in the same place as locale_string. I've translated locale.string and it worked , but locale.lua doesn't
  7. What's the question exactly , do you want to modify your server to do all these?
  8. You can sear You can search "Paid services" topic , i have seen a lot of people willing to create a website. Now for the cost.. you'll have to talk with them
  9. Hello Dev community! I might be doing something wrong with " Locale.lua". I'm trying to translate some stuff but they don't seem to be applied in-game , i save Locale.lua in FileZilla , i reboot the server but the translation doesn't seem to work. Any solutions would be appreciated ! Here is the problem :
  10. Worked , thanks //Solved
  11. Hello devs! While i was fixing my server i've encountered a Trade problem , the players can trade but the trade window can not be shown. Any solutions to this?
  12. Well , i do have the same VM as everyone does.. it's just i made the server from hamachi just to " build it and fix it" first. By good machine i don't really know what you mean , but at some point i would like to have a Public_ip so others can join in as well , because right now , i'm the only one who can enter the game. What will happen when i rent a dedicated server? I won't be needing VM anymore?
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