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  1. Python version. Work in both ways. From inventory to safebox and from safebox to inventory. [Hidden Content]
  2. Hi all, i have a little problem with Dragon soul alchemy. Problems is: not working to rafinated this Rubin just in "cut" category in x slots, but from other slots work , and other soul. EDIT: I HAVE THIS IN LENGHT bool IsDragonSoulEquipPosition() const { return (window_type == INVENTORY) && (DRAGON_SOUL_EQUIP_SLOT_START <= cell) && (DRAGON_SOUL_EQUIP_SLOT_END > cell); } but dont work
  3. i dont have this code. dont work for me
  4. Unfortunately it's not from there. Somebody else?
  5. Hi! I have a problem with icon effect +0 - > +9 i can't find anywhere this system to remove it. I find it useless. I searched the whole "client" after tga and I didn't find anything. I also searched the forum and found no identical code line. For example, vnum 19 does not have in tga that +9, so being at each. How can I eliminate this useless system? My case: https://ctrlv.link/shots/2020/12/28/QUPw.png Specifically that it's not this system: https://ctrlv.link/shots/2020/12/28/QSqE.png
  6. I have the same problem. 'module' object has no attribute '_PickMoneyDialog__ConvertMoneyText' Can you tell me how to solve it? BTW The "system" is interesting
  7. Hello! I haven't been able to solve a problem for a few days, which is a big deal. When I want to change the password at the warehouse it tells me "the added password is wrong". I noticed that even when I manually changed the data in the safebox after the refresh they became null. I replaced "safebox" from "db/mysql/player/" and I have the same error. error syslog db Dec 25 05:09:08 :: QUERY_RESULT: HEADER_GD_SAFEBOX_LOAD Dec 25 05:09:13 :: [ 350] return 0/0/0 async 0/0/0 Dec 25 05:09:18 :: [ 400] return 0/0/0 async 0/0/0 Dec 25 05:09:21 :
  8. Same problem! I think it need a refreshment function... Edit: i didnt see the solution... Thank you @SergiuAndreiM
  9. Thank you very much. The problem was from char_affect.cpp. i rewritten the function and i haven't tested it anymore. My old char_affect.cpp Solved! TC Please.
  10. Hello. There is a big problem with the sura weapons skills. When I use magic dispel, the attacking character receives 20 critical hit, 20 magic, 20 penetrations and 200 defense each time they reach that skill. I discovered this bug after balancing the races. I don't know the exact cause. Video:
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