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  1. I would like to change the opening of the tab game window okey so that it can be done by clicking on the set of cards and not on the card icon that appears on the minimap. Anybody know how to change this?
  2. I have an issue with pet system. First of it is the Mob Scale, that I have no idea how to combine with sash system to work both together. The second one is an issue with pet skill tree window. All of the windows are locked and there is no pet name on the sigil that is supposed to be there since the moment of hatching a pet. There is no lifespan left and no slots for skills shown when hovering mouse over the sigil icon. The gui shows age=0 days. The command /ip shuts the server down. Also I don't have dump_proto source containing type and subtype responsible for ITEM_PET and PET_EGG nor quaries
  3. As u can see the bonuses of shas are diffrent in popup window it looks good but after absorption sash is getting wrong bonuses and no elemental bonus (and its only visual bug bcs sash is absorbing this bonus properly)
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