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  1. I'm not the one who shut the game down. I don't understand your reaction to me? I reported this game for closure, and as a result it was closed. What I'm doing here is respecting German law and ending the game. You criticize where you thank. One day all Pvp servers will be shut down, whether you accept them or not. I will never stop being a pioneer and close follower of the legal process. Only because you know Vegas so well. If you're doing what she says just to benefit her, you've already lost control. A person who cannot afford a single piece of my project. How important can it be to me? I w
  2. You can keep thinking like this. I think it's gonna be the last thing you do. The facts that end on one side, metin2 lovers who prefer to think the way they want to think on the other side
  3. We cooperate with him. They have begun the legal struggle.
  4. The project was terminated by me on notice. No further explanation is needed. https://prnt.sc/qofvxy https://prnt.sc/qofyes Everyone will know RASCOLN. I'm sorry for your effort and your waste of time. Have a nice day.
  5. Dear Community Hi, I want to make a change. The thing is, I want to change this system, which is written at the beginning of the character, I will change Classical Style: Lv.250 TURKMMO (Previous) What I want to do is: http://prntscr.com/ke6j23 ABSTRACT: In the game, classically, Lv.1 Tag, left side to the right, Lv. I want to get the character name from the right side to the left side. Example: CharacterName (Level 200) http://prntscr.com/ke6j23 Help Me!
  6. Hi, price ? & download link ?
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