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  1. I'm not the one who shut the game down. I don't understand your reaction to me? I reported this game for closure, and as a result it was closed. What I'm doing here is respecting German law and ending the game. You criticize where you thank. One day all Pvp servers will be shut down, whether you accept them or not. I will never stop being a pioneer and close follower of the legal process. Only because you know Vegas so well. If you're doing what she says just to benefit her, you've already lost control. A person who cannot afford a single piece of my project. How important can it be to me? I was following this forum, because the justice and judicial process is fair. But I see that there is no difference from other forums. As I said, I didn't do anything that violated M2DEV laws. But unfortunately the fact that there is no justice will be revealed if I am banned. Now listen carefully; VegaS; You can try to mess with me and think it's wise, but there's a proverb; The issue becomes important when everyone fails;) Best Regards M2DEV Community I don't work with gameforge. If you have a problem with understanding, you should just say you can't understand. Game reporting about 1 week ago, and as a result was closed. Aeldra did not know until 1 week ago that she would have such a problem. If you don't understand it, it's not HITRON, but it's you. https://prnt.sc/qoip1q Let me give a simpler example; Why did aeldra's owner stop me after the game was closed? Instead of answering for answers, you have to learn to understand first. Now does your brain understand that?
  2. You can keep thinking like this. I think it's gonna be the last thing you do. The facts that end on one side, metin2 lovers who prefer to think the way they want to think on the other side
  3. We cooperate with him. They have begun the legal struggle.
  4. The project was terminated by me on notice. No further explanation is needed. https://prnt.sc/qofvxy https://prnt.sc/qofyes Everyone will know RASCOLN. I'm sorry for your effort and your waste of time. Have a nice day.
  5. We're looking for foreign representative for Magic To Master. In you own country, those who want to publish M2M with their local language can reach me. Example: http://www.hu.magictomaster.org/ Example: http://www.en.magictomaster.org/ Example: http://www.tr.magictomaster.org/ The required contract and representation fee will be transferred during the private meeting. 365 play day, national protocol fee: $1000 If you accept the contract; • Completely selected language game server • Full-featured gaming client. • Completely authorized game account. [Server Manager] • Limited Access to the main control console 2Z + DSP • Limited access to software script. • Access to GOM (Game Object Manager) Editor. • DOM (Data Object Model) HSEL access. • Full access & edit permission to Arena console. • www.you_lang.magictomaster.org / domain (Completely selected language) • All updates are reflected in real-time. • 16 GB / 4 Processor Database server & Journey Game Server • Server & Database 256 S/Byte Crypto Application Disclosure: This is for future demands dealership outside of Turkey! "Magic to Master" Turkey Server: http://www.magictomaster.org/ Don't forget to follow .. For private conversation, please see the live support page! http://magictomaster.org/support/ Video Channel & Examples Laniatus Game Kft. Project Manager Typhoon F.
  6. The M2M Project has been something of mine for many years. I am the owner We have all the open source data.
  7. Greetings RPG Community; As you know, in 2014 we have officially finalized the right of acting over most of you MagicToMaster Online MMORPG project. I have recently decided to open the project as a manager because of the negative factors that have been developed by some people. Why are we opening this up here? We are looking for team members who will work voluntarily for our developing project. Which team is searching for a team in MagicToMaster? C ++ / C # / Java / HeroScript has a problem-solving intelligence that reads and understands the field of programming. At least masters the English language. Will be able to comprehend Hero Game Engine with a short review. Solve / edit and write functions. Having knowledge and experience about graphics / particle effects. So what is this MagicToMaster? A new MMORPG Metin 2 project, combined with a new game engine (HeroEngine) and a very professional team with Java and C + programming language. Work conditions; • Corporate identity will be given. • Work according to B.G.Y.S (Information Security Management System) Protocol. • B.G.Y.S Acceptance / Contracting contract will be made. • Service provider for access to the engine, Laniatus Game Hungary Zrt. E-mail of the company will be used. • The ISO27001 Protocol will be followed and accepted & committed. Visual assistance / information and clue about the project; https://www.facebook.com/typhon.f Pre-vision and informative visual about the game; In my personal social media account, you can keep track of my shares and submit your comments and suggestions. You can write a custom message / comment for the application. Or E-Mail; laniatusproduction@gmail.com Good work..
  8. Dear Community Hi, I want to make a change. The thing is, I want to change this system, which is written at the beginning of the character, I will change Classical Style: Lv.250 TURKMMO (Previous) What I want to do is: http://prntscr.com/ke6j23 ABSTRACT: In the game, classically, Lv.1 Tag, left side to the right, Lv. I want to get the character name from the right side to the left side. Example: CharacterName (Level 200) http://prntscr.com/ke6j23 Help Me!
  9. Hi, price ? & download link ?
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