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  1. GR2 -> gr2, every big letter "Lord" has to be a small letter. even "GR2" has to be small. try it with this
  2. So i implemented it, and it works all fine. Icons are very beautiful, and the LUA's have a good coding. Good job!
  3. icons are fine, just rename "tga" to "jpg" and open them. after that just open it in paint and save as tga. Nice system, i will try it and review after that.
  4. The mine has been dismantled. "Inzwischen" is like "meanwhile" or "in the meantime" . But when you take a translator, he will say "the mine has now been dismantled." I'm german, but i would never write this sentence, i would use "Die Minen wurden bereits abgebaut", thats "The mines have already been mined" Or i just mistaken it, and you need german quests, than i could translate it tomorrow // Oder ich hab was verwechselt, und du brauchst die Quests auf deutsch, dann kann ich es dir morgen übersetzen.
  5. Hello m2dev! So i got the Ingame Itemshop by Shang 1.0 (2016). Now, the problem is, the itemshop_lib.os date is expired (17.04.2017) and i need to increase this date, or make it infinite. Do you got some idea's, how i could possibly do this, or could someone do this for me? Thanks for advice!
  6. Sorry for double-post, but the solution from @Distraught worked! Thank you very much!
  7. Thanks for helping! I will try it, when my compiler will start - i got an online compiler and the host is currently offline I will update this, if it works, thousand thanks!
  8. https://pastebin.com/hvAVguvy
  9. Can you post the item_proto data? Server and client if its possible.
  10. Im sorry i'm not english, but i try to explain everything detailed Player1 types 500.001 yang in the inputbox, accepts. Player2 receives 500.001yang, but Player1 loses 1.000.002yang. So it seems like it doubles up on this amout. I searched in exchange.cpp and found one string, maybe thats why: So i got long long gold trade, may it should be this?: for (long long i = 1; i < m_lGold+1; i=i+500000)
  11. Sorry, it didnt change at all :/ oh yeah i figured out: 500.001 yang is the amount, that gets doubled
  12. Its already on this in Pick gold: def OnPickMoney(self, money): net.SendExchangeElkAddPacket(money)
  13. Thanks for trying to help; Uiexchange:
  14. Hello M2Dev! I got a new problem, this time it's something... very confusing. When i want to trade with someone, and put in 9.999.999Yang/gold however you wanna call it, the person who receives it, get the amout. BUT the person who offers the amount, got like 200.000.000 removed. Its very strange, and i can't figure out, where is the problem. I got long long MAX_YANG and the python part is on maxlenght(20) for the ifdef: new_exchange_window May you can find some details. Thanks for helping!
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