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  1. I did that a long time ago to... Sorry, bbut seeing that you had refactored some functions, I thought you had forgotten this one. I just give an another way to do this. I think that people will understand better this code, even without actually understanding how it works that the huge ternary conditions of the other functions ... like : def NumberToMoneyString(n): return '0 {:s}'.format(MONETARY_UNIT0) if (n <= 0) else '{:s} {:s}'.format(('.'.join([(i - 3) < 0 and str(n)[:i] or str(n)[i - 3 : i] for i in range(len(str(n)) % 3, len(str(n)) + 1, 3) if i]), MONETARY_UN
  2. thank you Some functions would be shorter and more efficient with certain functions ... Like : def SecondToHM(time): return " ".join(map(str, divmod(time, 60)))
  3. Hi ! I'm trying to put this in my server : But i've some errors... : if (m_eRace == CRaceData::RACE_ASSASSIN_W || m_eRace == CRaceData::RACE_ASSASSIN_M) I've not RACE_ASSASSIN_W or RACE_ASSASSIN_M on my RaceData.h, so I would like to know if anyone had it, and could tell me how to implement it? Or tell me how to modify these lines to go through another function can be? Code : if (m_eRace == CRaceData::RACE_ASSASSIN_W || m_eRace == CRaceData::RACE_ASSASSIN_M) { CRaceMotionData* pRaceMotionData = m_pkCurRaceMotionData; if (!pRaceMotionData)
  4. (The client crash during loading)
  5. Hi ! (Sorry for my english...) I come here because I have a problem, as soon as I start my client, I have this error: https://prnt.sc/k17pbr (Camera.cpp -> EterLib) however, I did not touch the EterLib project ... If you had some ideas.. Thank you!
  6. Hi ! (Sorry for my bad english...) I made some changes on my server, but impossible to know what (long ago). Since when my server starts, and I try to connect, it sends me back to the login menu, and here is the problem: -If I enter real identifiers,: Lost connection -If I enter erratic identifiers: It tells me that the identifiers are incorrect. And 0 syserr, 0 crash.. I know you can not help me magically, but I'd like to know if you have any idea where it might come from, because I really have no idea ... Thank you !
  7. If I do that Python tells me that he is missing an argument
  8. Hello ! Sorry for my bad english.. I would like to know how I can use a fonctions defined in game.py since the uiinventory.py... It's simple question but I don't find how i can do this.. Thank you !
  9. New link : https://mega.nz/#!blIwRboC!zR9u3fXGPDQhqtzC_0Tp8rQCFfmWTMOJZYVIcgejJpc
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