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  1. Hey guys ! I want a server files, a client with sources ( db, game, binary ) with very few bugs. It doesn't matter what it contains but I want one that i know its stable.
  2. am gasit costumele si cu efecte cu tot, scz chiar nu am timp sa te ajut.. dar uite, fa dupa tutorialul asta http://board.metin2downloads.info/index.php?thread/810-how-2-115er-rüstungen-mit-blitzeffekt/&postID=7080
  3. Where is that effect ? ( file directory ) and, is there for all the colors ? Te ajut eu sa le bagi, daca ai deja efectele si mi le dai si mie.
  4. So, you need to be in the map for farm or what map you created. then write /go 85 78 or /warp to a player who is there and it will give u this for me is 88100, 614700. You need to add this to your quest ( if its still not working remove 2x0 from them, for me 881, 6147 )
  5. Well i thought i need to add the numbers, because And the dungeon, will work perfectly just if this function will work (d.jump_all(512 +369, 5632 + 515) ) .. but it's not working because the item you need to have to enter it, it will drop to a mob that has 1 hour respawn or more, and the item will disappear in 4minutes if its not used. However thanks for the help, guess i will install again this map, modify the town.txt and change the function to d.join(NEW_INDEX)
  6. I have made the english quest work You forgot here a begin when 30130.chat."Spiders Lair" when 30130.chat."Spiders Lair" begin and an end The quest is working perfectly with d.join(193) but with d.jump_all(881, 6147) or d.jump_all(51569, 563715) it doesn't teleport me.
  7. 51200 +369, 563200 + 515. I'll try now that quest in english
  8. When i first tried to install it, i'v got this error Regina_Paianjen.quest:39:assertion failure : nested==0 Abort (core dumped) So, I added an end Then I installed it just fine. But it's not working well.. look at this http://www.mediafire.com/file/by91lbyvsybem83/bandicam+2016-12-31+16-26-50-965.mp4 When I dont have the item and I'm not in party say_title("Vizuina Reginei Paianje") say("Doresti sa intri in vizuina Reginii Paianjen ?") say("") if select("Da", "Nu") == 2 then return else if party.is_party() then When I press
  9. Alright, I changed but still same error.
  10. http://www.mediafire.com/file/l42w3btiay94w5t/TeleportRegina.quest Hmm.. I see that everywhere i put say("") or say_title("")
  11. Well my SD3 map has the normal dungeon like SD2 or 1 + the Queen chamber so, it wont work with d.join. If I'll use d.jump_all, all the party members will be teleported ? And I wanted to know what did i do wrong, because I want to start learning how to make quests. I uploaded the .quest file, its a little bit different ( 2 problems resolved ), can you please download it and show me what did I do wrong ? Anyway, if you'll help me or not, I really appreciate that u wasted your time for me ! Btw, I'll test the quest later, because I can't right now. TeleportRegina.q
  12. Hello, so I have made my first quest but when i try to install i have this errors Here is the quest quest spider_cave_boss begin state start begin when 30130.chat."Vizuina Reginei Paianjen" say_title("Vizuina Reginei Paianje") say("Doresti sa intri in vizuina Reginii Paianjen ?") say("") local sn = select (Da, Nu) if sn == 2 then return end elseif sn == 1 then if party.is_party() then if party.is_leader() then if pc.count_item(30327) > 0 then say_title ("Vizuina Reginei Paianjen") say ("Esti pregatit sa intrii ?") local sc = select (Da, Nu)
  13. Does anyone have this map ?
  14. So I see that is not possbile just from binnary source, anyway thx for the solution !
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