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  1. hey guys i'm looking for a switchbot like this if anybody have it please share it with me or i can pay for it kind regards.
  2. i'll try it, thank you Edit : it works kind regards.
  3. guys do anyone know how to edit the max level for new pet system i use 120 as the max level for player but pet can evolution to level higher than 120 how can i stop that or control the max level for new pet thanks for your help
  4. maybe there is missing thing in locale_game.txt in your locale file check line 84 or paste here your UiExchange.py
  5. it's from input_main.cpp function check_name
  6. Check your quests maybe it's bugged and also check run.msa in pc3/wolfman/horse in data folder make sure it's like this
  7. You should help him or give a fix not saying Shits dude
  8. hey all i have a little problem and i can pay for the fix if i bought an item form item shop and this item have a real time in item_proto.txt, if i put the mouse on it when getting it from safe box or mall shop in the game it disappear if you know a fix for it i will be glad if you told me also i can pay for the fix kind regards
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