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  1. This way more secure i think, because ddos attacks are annoying (in my country they doing for hobby.) And I just want to learn how,
  2. Sorry for delay, but not thats, 5 VDS servers MySQL ve game servers, im not looking for all channels in one server
  3. i wish to do multiple channel servers like gameforge, yes maybe you're right public ip can be blocked
  4. ok thanks but im not trying for that
  5. THey there, i have weird problem again I'm trying to run multiple servers like that DB > xxx.xxx.xxx.158 auth > xxx.xxx.xxx.155 DB server up and running in .158 but auth server cant connect .158 db and giving this print "connect: Connection Refused" There is auth config; HOSTNAME: Ephixa_Auth CHANNEL: 1 PORT: 31009 P2P_PORT: 41100 DB_PORT: 11000 DB_ADDR: xxx.xxx.xxx.158 TABLE_POSTFIX: ITEM_ID_RANGE: 000000001 000000002 PASSES_PER_SEC: 25 SAVE_EVENT_SECOND_CYCLE: 180 PING_EVENT_SECOND_CYCLE: 180 AUTH_SERVER: master PLAYER_SQL: xxx.xxx.xxx.158 username strongpa
  6. Sorry for my bad english I have that big problem, Items can equipped but, after equip items not shown. I need emergency help... Regards
  7. There is my dedicated hardware; x2 Intel Xeon E5620 Ram; 48 GB2 Drive; 300GB SAS line; 1Gbps
  8. Ok i got that. One more questing your suggestion how many cores?
  9. Im in nearly 3 years metin2 pvp think. But i cant still understand thar ch core system Diffrence between ch core only 1 and multiple ch core's etc 2 cores Whats the diffrence
  10. First NPC Shop There is big problem, im edited npc shop in database, everything correct but when i click on npc shop wasn't open. There is no Syserr or syslog. Why happens idk Second Skill distrubition When i try to distrubute skill points its not working and sends that syserr Regards
  11. I think so i found problem now, (Forgot change core config locations xD) Please close fixed
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