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  1. Ehh will you help me or not ?? That's why I'm here mate for short explanation how to fix the problem. Thanks
  2. I solved this problem now. But is there any chance that you can help with source code ?? as below: My char.cpp :
  3. Hi guys, is there anyone who can help me out with this error ? please my sysser below Much appreciate for your help !
  4. Hello today I added new costume to the server but I can't see them in the game, anyone got any idea how I can fix this? Also I added new lines in the warrior_m.msm using one model GR2 but different textures and number. I added everything to the client also to the databases. Some ideas? thank you this is my msm: and screenshot from the game: ( and the is a bottle because I didn't add an icon yet )
  5. Hello today I added new costume, but I can't see then in the game. I add new linies in warrior_m.msm item_proto client and server , but I can't see it in the game. I'm using only one model gr2 but few colours this is my msm: Any one know how to fix it ? thank you.
  6. Okey and how do I need to edit it ? please EDIT: OK THANK YOU I CHANGED THE VALUE AND IT'S WORKING NOW
  7. Image was fixed many times .. and always text align auto to the left side :/ .
  8. check the py file , where you got the Channels switch .. in root or uiscript
  9. Hello , Today I added new weapon to my server, but I can't see it in game.. The weapon is Granny 2.6 and my Granny is 2.9. so the question is: ' how can I update the weapon model from 2.6 to 2.9 ' ? Thank you
  10. Hello could any one help me to align a quest text on board? I trying for 3 days now I don't know how to do it. ( I want to have it in the box not out of the box ) Please help me with it thank you
  11. Hello, how I can change the quest text position ?? to be in the box not out of the box ? SS below thank you :
  12. Where can I find the MeldMerge? and how to do it please I used this MeldMerge but I dont' know how to use and how to check it if it's got same packet.h :/
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