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  1. @martysama0134I didn't get any updates since 2017 when I bought the files. Please give me the updates. Been writing to you on discord and Skype for weeks now.I'm sure you can spare 5 minutes of your time after 3 years of waiting for updates...
  2. Zenu doesn't sell it anymore so I keep looking.
  3. I want to buy pet system like official (with skills ) without bugs.Don't try to sell me the free versions from forums.I can pay paypal .Link to system http://wiki.metin2.co.uk/index.php/Pet_System Thanks.
  4. Recommend this service.Really proffesional guy.He will make all your wishes come true.Good code good support. Kenshin
  5. Next year. January or February. Nobody knows. He said it will be finished by Christmas but it's not finished yet. Maybe i will start on v4 can't wait anymore. Good luck guys.
  6. I am searching for dev to create this system.We will discuss about price in private.Please don't waste my time if you can't do it. Payment methods: 1.Moneygram 2.WesternUnion 3.PayPal
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