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  1. You are the brain to die jacsana, good job both of you . Best regards <3
  2. Before that bug you add something? Or this problem was ?
  3. The sash have absorbtion rate? If he have the item proto is problem , make a dump proto with your types from proto reader .
  4. Hello world, today i realise one thing , when i wanted to put 1 ring with type ITEM_RING , he does't work i mean he put in the down slot not in his slot , not beside belt. Any ideea for this? Srry for my bad english. Here's a gif with my problem. https://gyazo.com/7b973fbbc842fcd706ca5da6cf669f02
  5. With normal shop that border appear look : https://gyazo.com/baffab0c2f9f5bd03c89441b50987d45
  6. Hi guys , i have a problem with offlineshop great , and i want to resolve it from 1 month ago but doesen't work , the border name over the shop does not appear can anyone help me with this problem ? i let you one pictures of my bug . Here is a GIF with my bug: https://gyazo.com/18df90e8ca3cdaf980075a7be464dfa9
  7. Hello world, I have some problems with offline shop Great , i add all shop without any errors but i have some problems from some packets header . Look this is my error : Process: UNKNOWN HEADER: 225, LAST HEADER: 0(0), REMAIN BYTES: 63, fd: 20 If anyone can help me please contact me on skype to : badboys2429 Or let a message here in this topic with your skype/discord id .. If its needed i will pay you for resolve this bug . #Sorry for my bad english
  8. Hi I have a big problem with the online shop, so open the store offline and I give the function add item and add an item in my shop server fail. This is my sysser ch1 error
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