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  1. I don't think so, and the fact is that the shopmanager,cpp I didn't even touched it
  2. Hey, I have a problem I tried to install the offline shop on my server every things work fine until I start doing the src/game part I tried every things I could to fix it until i give up to ask your help. Because I don't understand why it's not working, everything work fine in the compilation until it start linking the game then This happen : If someone could help me It would be nice...
  3. I got a problem with the new pet system when I summon a new pet, the pet give me random half human bonus I don't understand why if someone could help me fix it to put this bonus to 0 so when the pet is summoned it give 0 half human bonus. I tried everything and after some research I found that the problem may come from those files, but I don't know where to search exactly ! Please some help would be great-full New_PetSystemcpp.txt New_PetSystemh.txt
  4. Kenta

    solved Help

    Hello everyone, bug with sources ..
  5. I got a bug when I create a new character, http://prntscr.com/eycldh And this prevents me from creating a character it's really annoying and I don't know from where it comes. Got no error in the client sysser, That's the db, sysser syserr.txt If someone is able to help me xd, syserr.txt Problem solved a column in mysql that i had to delete
  6. Thx, another time dude ! You are awesome. Just the first quest don't work when i get 2k points my rank don't change it's still the same
  7. There is an error when I compile the game : shop.cpp:241: error: 'item' was not declared in this scope If someone could help me fix it it would be nice !
  8. Thank you, it work ur awesome, but i just wanna benefit from this post because i have another problem with another quest that I coded but the quest don't work i don't understand why, the goal of the quest is to win 1 points for every kill and lose 20% of ur points for every death, and to display the number of points IG in the inventory like this http://prnt.sc/ex6opx But the problem here is that when I do a kill i receive 1 points, but when I die i lose all my points and if I kill a player with like 20 points and I got 0 points the player is gonna lose all his points and I am gonna receive 18 points something like that i tried to solve it by my own but I'am a beginner in this language so i don't understand why it don't work That's the quest quest pvp begin state start begin when kill with npc.is_pc() begin pc.setqf("nbpoints", pc.getqf("nbpoints") + 1) local coins = pc.getqf("nbpoints") cmdchat("PointsPVP "..coins) syschat ("Vous recevez 1 points") local old = pc.select(npc.get_vid()) pts = pc.getf("pvp","nbpoints") pc.setf("pvp","nbpoints", math.floor(pts*0.8)) local coins = pc.getf("pvp", "nbpoints") cmdchat("PointsPVP "..coins) diff = pts - pc.getf("pvp","nbpoints") if diff == 0 then syschat("Vous ne perdez aucun points") else syschat("Vous perdez "..diff.." points") end pc.select(old) end end end If someone could help me it would be amazing,
  9. In this quest for every kill u make ur going to win between 23 and 33 points and every time u will die u will lose between 13 or 23 points and when the player get 2000 points or 4000 etc.. who will set ur rank exemple : Between 0 and 2k points ur rank will be set at -2K Between 2K and 4k points at 2K Between 4k and 6k points at 5K Between 6k and 8k at 9k And finnaly between 8k end 10k at 15k, I hope u understand the goal of my quest sorry for bad english
  10. Oh okay I'am sorry that's the code : quest trophees begin state start begin when kill with npc.is_pc() begin local check_my_ip = pc.get_ip() local check_enemy_ip = npc.get_ip() if check_my_ip == check_enemy_ip then nbpoints = pc.getqf("nbtrophees") else pc.setqf("nbtrophees", pc.getqf("nbtrophees") + math.random(23, 33)) local old = pc.select(npc.get_vid()) pc.setf("trophees","nbtrophees", math.random(13, 23)) pc.select(old) if ("nbtrophees") =< 2000 then pc.change_alignment(-2000) else if ("nbtrophees") =< 4000 then pc.change_alignment(2000) if ("nbtrophees") =< 6000 then pc.change_alignment(5000) else if ("nbtrophees") =< 8000 then pc.change_alignment(9000) if ("nbtrophees") =< 10000 then pc.change_alignment(15000) else if ("nbtrophees") =< 15000 then pc.change_alignment(15000) select name, dwpid, lvalue from player.quest, player.player where player.id == quest.dwpid and szname ="trophees" and szstate="nbtrophees" order by lvalue desc; end end end end end end end
  11. Hello, I got a problem when i compile the quest with a quest i coded, what(): std::bad_alloc Badly placed ()'s. # Abort trap (core dumped) If someone could help me resolve my problem please, sry for bad english trophees.quest
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