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  1. I don't think so, and the fact is that the shopmanager,cpp I didn't even touched it
  2. Hey, I have a problem I tried to install the offline shop on my server every things work fine until I start doing the src/game part I tried every things I could to fix it until i give up to ask your help. Because I don't understand why it's not working, everything work fine in the compilation until it start linking the game then This happen : If someone could help me It would be nice...
  3. I got a problem with the new pet system when I summon a new pet, the pet give me random half human bonus I don't understand why if someone could help me fix it to put this bonus to 0 so when the pet is summoned it give 0 half human bonus. I tried everything and after some research I found that the problem may come from those files, but I don't know where to search exactly ! Please some help would be great-full New_PetSystemcpp.txt New_PetSystemh.txt
  4. Hello everyone, bug with sources ..
  5. I got a bug when I create a new character, http://prntscr.com/eycldh And this prevents me from creating a character it's really annoying and I don't know from where it comes. Got no error in the client sysser, That's the db, sysser syserr.txt If someone is able to help me xd, syserr.txt Problem solved a column in mysql that i had to delete
  6. Thx, another time dude ! You are awesome. Just the first quest don't work when i get 2k points my rank don't change it's still the same
  7. There is an error when I compile the game : shop.cpp:241: error: 'item' was not declared in this scope If someone could help me fix it it would be nice !
  8. Thank you, it work ur awesome, but i just wanna benefit from this post because i have another problem with another quest that I coded but the quest don't work i don't understand why, the goal of the quest is to win 1 points for every kill and lose 20% of ur points for every death, and to display the number of points IG in the inventory like this http://prnt.sc/ex6opx But the problem here is that when I do a kill i receive 1 points, but when I die i lose all my points and if I kill a player with like 20 points and I got 0 points the player is gonna lose all his points and I am gonna receive
  9. In this quest for every kill u make ur going to win between 23 and 33 points and every time u will die u will lose between 13 or 23 points and when the player get 2000 points or 4000 etc.. who will set ur rank exemple : Between 0 and 2k points ur rank will be set at -2K Between 2K and 4k points at 2K Between 4k and 6k points at 5K Between 6k and 8k at 9k And finnaly between 8k end 10k at 15k, I hope u understand the goal of my quest sorry for bad english
  10. Oh okay I'am sorry that's the code : quest trophees begin state start begin when kill with npc.is_pc() begin local check_my_ip = pc.get_ip() local check_enemy_ip = npc.get_ip() if check_my_ip == check_enemy_ip then nbpoints = pc.getqf("nbtrophees") else pc.setqf("nbtrophees", pc.getqf("nbtrophees") + math.random(23, 33)) local old = pc.select(npc.get_vid()) pc.setf("trophees","nbtrophees", math.random(13, 23)) pc.select(old) if ("nbtrophees") =< 2000 then pc
  11. Hello, I got a problem when i compile the quest with a quest i coded, what(): std::bad_alloc Badly placed ()'s. # Abort trap (core dumped) If someone could help me resolve my problem please, sry for bad english trophees.quest
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