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  1. i posted syser db and syslog db syser auth and syslog auth
  2. -----------------------syserr__Auth--------------------------- SYSERR: Jun 6 23:04:59.249595 :: pid_init: Start of pid: 853 SYSERR: Jun 6 23:04:59.252925 :: socket_connect: HOST localhost:20000, could not connect. SYSERR: Jun 6 23:05:01.39950 :: hupsig: SIGHUP, SIGINT, SIGTERM signal has been received. shutting down. SYSERR: Jun 6 23:05:01.65503 :: pid_deinit: End of pid --------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------syserr_db----------------- SYSERR: Jun 6 23:04:38.896426 :: pid_init: Start of pid: 833 ------------------------
  3. hi everyone i have problem with import item_proto , mob_proto Sometimes the files are imported successfully and sometimes get connection refused To fix this problem, I have to restart the whole machine, not just the server Although am not changed any thing sorry for bad english
  4. Items is disappearing after reboot I think the problem in query but how to fix?? I tried to reinstall mysql but no thing how to solve it?
  5. i have this error i made exchange window 24 slots it works fine but all of item got in 1st slot this video to explain
  6. Nice Armor I Will Use it Good Job Keep it up
  7. Hi Devs, i had small problem with dragonsoul refine look: my dragon soul system : dragon_soul_refine_settings.py: uidragonsoul.py: dragon_soul_table.txt: some one help me for fix this bug thx for all
  8. Hi, Devs Thx always to respond to my problems I encountered a strange problem in the game When you move the server to host another The problem is when I use anything in inventory see Message comes at the chat (affect are not loaded!) My serverfile depends on the source Marty But the source not with me to know the cause of the problem But I was able to locate a problem in mysql i change completely and after change the mysql fixed anyone can solution please, thx sorry iam bad in english
  9. This example was only for quest but I just want a way to write something like this thx for reply
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