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  1. yes but how i can make the icon shows up
  2. bleeding solve but no icon shows up and i can do it only with lycan skill warrior + shaman + sura + ninja can't do it help
  3. Hey guys i have a problem with bleeding the effect is applyed on the mob/player but not showing that little red cloud around the body is there anyone who can help me fix it? Please i 've tried everything...
  4. wolfman toggle bug i have bug with wolfman affect skill's the toggle affect don't show i check all files but i cant find the problem photo
  5. i have problem with my wolfman skill's the affect problem https://gyazo.com/38a54539c0872518989179e216bee3e6 i don't know how to fix it
  6. it's not like gameforge servers the sura magic sword work's perfect only in dark magic have bug i junt need to know any file need to check to solve or give me the slove
  7. i have bug with Fire and the shield when i use the skil and turn Off again i can't use it again unless i wiat for 30 sec or 1 min i'ts bad bug https://gyazo.com/0e31739b24aaa9fecc097a74e7b06e8e
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