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  1. Hello all when i put this i have that CostumeWindow.LoadWindow.BindObject - exceptions.NameError:global name 'GetObject' is not defined
  2. and if i put 10minutes it will be okay?
  3. the serveur will not crash with time loop?
  4. Thanks you very much ! Its working Last question, xd https://gyazo.com/93990018f3927c3526b89e00f831e3fd how can we connect the two? Or how can we have gold?
  5. My VM say that : https://gyazo.com/450f8538816a07114633e3973c4b8962 But : https://gyazo.com/974f6747cc879e54d6cd00c4f78f0f6a The folder accids it empty, maybe its for that can someone send me his accids folder in the server part
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