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  1. Sure exygo but instead of using say("[DELAY value; 1]some text here[/DELAY]") at each line, you just have to put setdelay(0) at first. Example : quest x begin state start begin when X.chat."X" begin setdelay(0) say_title("text") say("text") say("text") say("text") say("text") end end end
  2. All your code is just a delay penger, same as the already created function (setdelay()) so don't be disrespectful.
  3. ... All this code for that ? Before your says() put setdelay(0) exemple: setdelay(0) say("xx") say("xx") ecc...
  4. Yes but no one give the solution ... One of my friend have this problem too it's so annoying...
  5. Up, if it's really necessary I can pay for the fix
  6. Hello guys , Description of the problem : It's a really weird problem, when I kill a metin (only and all metins) the monsters and the effect stay on the screen. I tried with all existing metins and concluded that they all have the same problem. Destroyed metins and it's monsters can stay indefinitely until I reboot or use the command /purge. Screenshot of the problem : Syserr (client, files)/error : None Hope that someone can help me , Kindly
  7. ZenkoKXO.


    Recommended. I'm with him since ~4 months and never had any problem, he's answering fast and fixing all potential problems.
  8. Can you be a more specific? I didn't understand what you're looking for. Maybe you can do some screenshots?
  9. quest blokada5 begin state start begin when kill with not npc.is_pc() and pc.get_map_index() == 273 and pc.get_level() >= 95 begin if pc.get_exp() >= 1 then pc.give_exp2(-pc.get_exp()) end chat("|cFF00ff33[Informacja]|h|cFFFFFFFF|h Masz za duży poziom aby zdobywać tu doświadczenie! ") end when login with pc.get_map_index() == 273 and pc.get_level() >= 95 begin chat("Ustawiłem QF na wartość: "..pc.get_exp()) chat("|cFF00ff33[Informacja]|h|cFFFFFFFF|h Masz za duży poziom aby zdobywać tu doświadczenie! ") end end end
  10. I have one question: other players could still see it even if the player hid it? Regards
  11. Give us your constinfo.py and game.py Did you add this: constinfo.py NEWITEMS = [] game.py (at the end of the file) def OnNewItem(self, cell): if not cell in constInfo.NEWITEMS: constInfo.NEWITEMS.append(cell) Here one example for you on how to add it in game.py: screenshot
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