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  1. Hi everyone, I've a 40k client and also a 40k server. I've decompiled locale_tr to edit my item_proto and mob_proto from the client. To decompile item_proto i've used Zone-Archiver 1.1 and it seems to decompile it without any problem. I open the decompiled item_proto.xml and edit the things I want to edit with Sublime Text 2. After I changed everything I go to Zone-Archiver and compile again. No errors happend till now. I go to my locale_tr decompiled folder and replace the old item_proto to this new one edited. After I compile the locale_tr.epk again and replace it on
  2. Hi everyone, I'm trying to use some tool to convert item_proto.txt and mob_proto.txt from my server to use it on my client so I can change weapons name and attack etc... I can't find any tool for this, can someone tell me if this is possible? Thanks
  3. This is what I have and still not working quest ponei begin state start begin when 20349.chat."Quero andar de cavalo" with horse.get_level() < 1 begin say_title("Rapaz do Estábulo - Cavalo Normal") say("Olá, "..pc.get_name()) say("Ouvi dizer que queres galopar?") say("") say("Muito bem, eu vou-te dar as instruções") say("que precisas de seguir.") wait() say_title("Rapaz do Estábulo") say("Para poderes andar de cavalo tens de") say("
  4. If I remove the "and horse.get_level() < 1 begin" the quest works but it makes it worthless I've tried when 20349.chat."Quero andar de cavalo" with horse.get_level() < 1 begin but still no results
  5. I've just compiled the quest and now the npc is gone? :/ EDIT: btw, elseif needs to be closed with end? EDIT2: Actually the npc is still here but there are no changes? (My horse level is level 11)
  6. I don't know when I need to use the end to close the block? I know quest needs state needs when needs if needs? Thank you for your reply my friend I will test this I will tell you how it goes
  7. I'm trying to make a quest where you go to the horse guard and by the level of your horse it shows different menus But when I compile the quest using make.sh it doesnt create anything in the objects folder or works on the server (I used /reload q and I added the quest to the quest_list.txt) Here is the code: quest ponei begin state start begin when 20349.chat."Quero andar de cavalo" begin and when horse.get_level() < 1 then say_title("Rapaz do Estábulo - Cavalo Normal") say("Olá, "
  8. Well if I can open the server without hamachi its really not necesserary that file... Can you help me with that? I can't find a good vídeo to do it without hamachi :/
  9. Do you have that start(hamachi).sh he is talking on the video? I don't have it
  10. Explain me so what I need to do... Also I've tried to do the server without hamachi (Microsoft Loopback) but it won't even let me login
  11. So I have a private server just for me and a friend and the problem is that I can login and create my character and play without any problems. My friend in the other side can login, create is character but when comes the part you need to load the game(after choosing the character) he gets dc? The server is run with hamachi, we are both connected. I have Portmap open and all the ports open too: 11002 -> OPEN 12002-> OPEN 13000-> OPEN 14000-> OPEN 13001-> OPEN 14001-> OPEN 16000-> OPEN 17000-> OPEN 16001-> OPEN
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