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  1. 0512 15:18:23474 :: SYSERR: File "networkModule.py", line 237, in SetGamePhase 0512 15:18:23475 :: SYSERR: File "system.py", line 130, in __pack_import SYSERR: File " SYSERR: <string> SYSERR: ", line SYSERR: 2141 SYSERR: SYSERR: SYSERR: mtdbg.LoadMichaFile("test.py", "Test") Okey, solved - wrong tabs, but now other problem. When i click F5: 0512 19:27:38201 :: importing from pack mtdbg 0512 19:27:38203 :: SYSERR: Traceback (most recent call last): 0512 19:27:38204 :: SYSERR: File "game.py", line 1206, in OnKeyDown 0512 19:27:38206 ::
  2. Hello. How I can make that? This is boring when I have to repack and open client again. Anybody know other way for testing scripts and guis?
  3. How to change icon position in quick slot? Default slot have size 32x32. I add new slots in size 40x40 and I have problems with set center position of icon
  4. I designed interface for character select but I have problem with coding. Maybe this is impossible? The main problem is scale and position, because different resolutions have different settings. I know about this screenWidth = wndMgr.GetScreenWidth() screenHeight = wndMgr.GetScreenHeight() newScreenWidth = float(screenWidth - 270) newScreenHeight = float(screenHeight) in introselect.py, but try everything - (maybe something blocked in binary?) - nothing works.. I dont know how to exert the same scale and position of char on select window in different resoluti
  5. I designed and coded my login window, but now I have problem with check channel status. I want to use ServerStateChecker, but this function doesnt work like I thought. ... import ServerStateChecker .... class LoginWindow(ui.ScriptWindow): def Open... ServerStateChecker.Create(self) #alotofcode ServerStateChecker.Initialize(); ServerStateChecker.AddChannel(1, server_ip, 31000) # channel_id, ip, port ServerStateChecker.AddChannel(2, server_ip, 41000)
  6. i know this, but i want tooltip with frame like mouse over on item.
  7. Hi community, I actually have few buttons in login window. I want to show a tooltip if I move mouse over each. How to do it?
  8. i cant find calls for dlls. Anybody know what I can do for change dir for dlls?
  9. ok, but where I can find in source something about dll? now i want only change directory for dlls.
  10. It's possible to compile bin like that? I would like to use dlls without load from client folder. Or if this is impossible, how to change directory for dlls example dlls/granny2.dll? PS. i don't want to use enigma or molebox to pack.
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