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  1. 0512 15:18:23474 :: SYSERR: File "networkModule.py", line 237, in SetGamePhase 0512 15:18:23475 :: SYSERR: File "system.py", line 130, in __pack_import SYSERR: File " SYSERR: <string> SYSERR: ", line SYSERR: 2141 SYSERR: SYSERR: SYSERR: mtdbg.LoadMichaFile("test.py", "Test") Okey, solved - wrong tabs, but now other problem. When i click F5: 0512 19:27:38201 :: importing from pack mtdbg 0512 19:27:38203 :: SYSERR: Traceback (most recent call last): 0512 19:27:38204 :: SYSERR: File "game.py", line 1206, in OnKeyDown 0512 19:27:38206 :: SYSERR: File "game.py", line 339, in <lambda> 0512 19:27:38207 :: SYSERR: File "game.py", line 316, in LoadScript 0512 19:27:38208 :: SYSERR: File "system.py", line 130, in __pack_import 0512 19:27:38208 :: SYSERR: File " 0512 19:27:38209 :: SYSERR: <string> 0512 19:27:38209 :: SYSERR: ", line 0512 19:27:38210 :: SYSERR: 23 0512 19:27:38210 :: SYSERR: 0512 19:27:38211 :: SYSERR: 0512 19:27:38212 :: SYSERR: ui.ScriptWindow.__del__(self)
  2. Hello. How I can make that? This is boring when I have to repack and open client again. Anybody know other way for testing scripts and guis?
  3. How to change icon position in quick slot? Default slot have size 32x32. I add new slots in size 40x40 and I have problems with set center position of icon
  4. I designed interface for character select but I have problem with coding. Maybe this is impossible? The main problem is scale and position, because different resolutions have different settings. I know about this screenWidth = wndMgr.GetScreenWidth() screenHeight = wndMgr.GetScreenHeight() newScreenWidth = float(screenWidth - 270) newScreenHeight = float(screenHeight) in introselect.py, but try everything - (maybe something blocked in binary?) - nothing works.. I dont know how to exert the same scale and position of char on select window in different resolutions. Is it any way for make that? Any ideas? Maybe anyone released something like that? BTW. I coded this on res. 800x600 - is fine, but in other resolutions it is a piece of shit. #SOLVED!
  5. I designed and coded my login window, but now I have problem with check channel status. I want to use ServerStateChecker, but this function doesnt work like I thought. ... import ServerStateChecker .... class LoginWindow(ui.ScriptWindow): def Open... ServerStateChecker.Create(self) #alotofcode ServerStateChecker.Initialize(); ServerStateChecker.AddChannel(1, server_ip, 31000) # channel_id, ip, port ServerStateChecker.AddChannel(2, server_ip, 41000) ServerStateChecker.AddChannel(3, server_ip, 51000) ServerStateChecker.AddChannel(4, server_ip, 61000) ServerStateChecker.Request() def NotifyChannelState(self, channelID, state): print "Channel index: %d, state: %d" % (channelID, state) def OnUpdate(self): ServerStateChecker.Update() I use compiled bin in debug mode, and i saw only one text in console from NotifyChannelState "Channel index: 1, state: 1" = state NORM - its ok, becouse this channel is online. And here is my problem! Why funct NotifyChannelState works only one time for channel 1? Maybe I use this wrong. Anybody can help me?
  6. i know this, but i want tooltip with frame like mouse over on item.
  7. Hi community, I actually have few buttons in login window. I want to show a tooltip if I move mouse over each. How to do it?
  8. i cant find calls for dlls. Anybody know what I can do for change dir for dlls?
  9. ok, but where I can find in source something about dll? now i want only change directory for dlls.
  10. It's possible to compile bin like that? I would like to use dlls without load from client folder. Or if this is impossible, how to change directory for dlls example dlls/granny2.dll? PS. i don't want to use enigma or molebox to pack.
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