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  1. Rumor are you still alive? o.o

  2. Hey Rumor.. i need help with creating a metin2 server can u help me with that? all i got is a dedicated server.

  3. Please read rivate message, i want to tell you something.

    1. Rumor


      you didn't send me a message

  4. Rumor

    Qamara Pet

    you should get the pet called Felicity it's pretty much the most popular pet in tera
  5. you could manually add processes that cause client to close if you can't create your own dll
  6. If you can compile your own bin I think you can read the error and find out what went wrong during or after compilation, right? Odd, it only happens on Win 8. Must have some deeper issue on your system :/
  7. 4.40 is latest version and I don't think there is a 4.30 (version 5 available per request only) release that is cracked so likely he has the license. The problem is the people on that forum don't know much about metin2 or have much useful things for metin2.
  8. backup the folder inside quests (Forgot what it's called) which stores the .start files, etc.. ./qc questname.sh 1 by 1 until you find the one that causes the issue
  9. I think the map folder is missing
  10. You need to change the files packed with virtualbox because it's using my path from the preset I've provided. Go to VIRTUAL BOX > FILES and delete those files then add your own. Maybe you have extremely low memory? Idk. The bin name is changed from original. Either change the bin name back before running or disable bin name checking in enigma. It's technically always possible, there's no 100% method. What this does is hides the eix in the bin so people can't open the epk. There have been a few people who were able to get into the bin and remove the eix but it's only the more advanced use
  11. As stated in the topic, this is just for people to grab things to use. They aren't ready-to-go files.
  12. For i386 exist small difference like "/usr/lib" not "/usr/lib32" for example. Read carefuly first post and finaly you have working FreeBSD server. because nginx is better set and use a password with mysql
  13. He shouldn't have removed the original post.. he should have some respect and not do that.
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