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  1. where's the copyright on our first design? please don't say it yours xD
  2. i have to quote my friend akura. he's a great designer (better then kurlz) and he's at least trustful. everyone who wants his skype-addy please contact me. thats one of his designs:
  3. show me the query too please
  4. Great Designer..... NOT he is a scammer and just steals things from other guys. i released the saomt2 design a year ago and he made this design a year ago. Is it not the same? but let's look to the 'psd' : please guys, dont buy anything from this scammer.
  5. post the mysql_query function.
  6. Guys what's up? This is 100% working,
  7. Hello guys, this function is very old and i have shared it on another board already (not on metin2dev). So this gives out a bool(true,false) function is_weekend() local day = tonumber(os.date("%w")) return day > 4 or day == 0 end
  8. Only two Skills and the character is finish! I will make it today/tomorrow. We gonna make no male version for it.
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