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  1. boost-lib will not work your need to install boost-all
  2. Navicat Link down. Does somebody reup pls?
  3. Hey, my problem is that i can't connect with this client to my server. It is only with this client. I repackt everything and changed the serverinfo.py in root. What can be the problem or how i can fix it?
  4. hi there, is there someone who've got the old Spiritmt2 client without the encryption? Regards
  5. Hi there! I am need some help with modification in the source. i want no negativ aligns and the max positiv one should be 2.000.000. I want about 20 steps and because i dont know how i can do this without getting bugs i ask you. give a good payment. Contact me via pm
  6. Hi there, i'm looking for a unbugged serverside data folder. Mine has a lot of bugs and is not working good. i am using mainline_sg compiled game. other files that i need. multicolored ssp from ugmt3 with shining would be nice.
  7. off topic. He don't have win 10. Its not a flame i just want to give you this information
  8. Today it is the release of Windows 10 and if you wanne use this you have to switch to VMWare Player. There is a problem with VBox i dont know if its an global problem but for me vbox didnt work. You can see any Networkadapters. In VM Player it works fine.
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