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Found 5 results

  1. Sendalone

    open Anyone help ?

    First i',m sorry 4 my bad english When i warp on my new map i see this after move, all be normal, but i'm not see NPC's near me. This problem is when i have on Town.txt of map more than 1 coordinates just like 180 130 150 250 180 130 150 250 when i have on Town.txt only 1 coordinates (just like 180 130) and nothing else, all be normal, now can anyone help me ? pls
  2. Link rapid catre website: Link rapid catre inregistrare: Link rapid catre descarcare: Link rapid catre forum: Deschiderea officiala: 03.08.2018 ora 20:00 (3 August). Cu stima, Echipa Tandoria2.
  3. Hello, i'm starting to create by 0 the Zodiac Dungeon like ufficial. Do someone already started to work with it?? If you want to exchange information with me write here or contact me on PM. Regards Hex
  4. RaVenRG

    Server install

    Hi guys, I am trying to make my own server on VPS freebsd well what did i did. I need to make new navicat user so i do mysql -u root -p But it says mysql.sock error idk why any helps? i cant continue with installing without this step please. Thanks I am making server with this tutorial PART1 PART 2
  5. iks

    Top killers

    Hello. This quest show us top killers from last 24 hours(killing stones, bosses). I know it could be wrote better, but who cares... Sorry for bad english, I hope you understand. How it works? Quest shows 5 top stones and bosses killers. To turn it on - go to NPC 20082 and choose GM: Top killers option. Optionally, if you want to change show time, just set: /e top_kill_info_time X -- where X is time in seconds Then restart notification. MySQL(log database): Quest: Also I used npc.is_stone and npc.is_boss functions, source: Questlib: function dev() return true end I hope you enjoy.