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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone. Here are some functions what I reversed from official binary about the PythonEventManager. 1.) event.SetVisibleLineCount(descIndex, iCount) - This limits the visible count of the lines in the 'textbox'. Used in battlefield and minigames. 2.) event.GetLineHeight(descIndex) - Gives back the height of the textline. Used in battlefield and minigames. 3.) event.SetYPosition(descIndex, iY) - Sets the Y position of the texts. Used for nothing yet. 4.) event.GetProcessedLineCount(descIndex) - Gives back the number of the processed text lines count. Used in battlefield and minigames. 5.) event.AllProcessEventSet(descIndex) - Instantly shows every text lines under a second. Used in battlefield and minigames. Faster than the zero delay 6.) event.GetTotalLineCount(descIndex) - Gives back the total line of the textbox. Used for new char- select and create, battlefield and minigames. If you have any problem, just write a comment below.
  2. Hello guys, I found a little problem on my server. Well, the problem is : Well, I know that problem is because of Budokan quest, but how can I use the pvp arena with the Budokan tournament ?
  3. quest event_moonlight_2014 begin state start begin when kill with game.get_event_flag("event_ayisigi_drop") == 1 and not npc.is_pc() begin if npc.get_level() > pc.get_level() - 10 then local s = number(1,250) if s == 1 then game.drop_item_with_ownership("50011",1) return end end end end end That is what i found online , but how do i activate it in-game?
  4. As you see that my fish event quests and the game flag is defined as balik_event how to i change that? And balik_event_drop is a list of drops for example "4" where is that list of items? If someone could help me I would be appreciated! P.S - where says "fishevent" it was me i change but it didnt work....
  5. Hello guys, I want to do some confirms in quest, but when I do like this: local action = confirm(vid, "Do you want pizza? ", 10) if action == CONFIRM_YES then local action = confirm(vid, "Great! Maybe some ketchup on it? ", 10) if action == CONFIRM_YES then -- OH, SORRY, TOO LATE, FIRST ACTION TIMEOUT BEGIN... PIZZA IS COLD NOW. end end so... the main problem is I should cancel last CONFIRM (timeout) event before starting new confirm event... but there's no function like this in quest functions anyone have some ideas how to handle it? YMIR just don't use confirm 2 times in a row so they don't make function like this for ex. we spend 5 seconds at first confirm and we go to second confirm and next 5 seconds later begin TIMEOUT event of first confirm.. PS. I saw confirm_timeout_event at game_src -> questlua.cpp but don't know how to cancel it with new function or fix inside this, according to current state PS2. names of locals doesnt matter - it's all about time event
  6. Hello guys I made some updates to my VM and all worked fine... Then I uploaded my files to my Rootserver and channels won't open... I'm getting this syserr: Also I get this syserr in db... My ClientMagaerBoot.cpp is chacked and it's ok
  7. Hi guys, I'd like to share with you a little bug fix to the ox event. When an OX event is active, and you go to the event, if you press 'esc' you can logout, and after, you login on the question phase that you want. To solve this, you can put this in the ox event quest, in th when login begin end if it does not exist, you put it, and in middle put this code local x,y,evento,mapa = pc.get_x(), pc.get_y(), game.get_event_flag("oxevent_status"),113 if pc.get_map_index() == mapa and evento != 1 and y >= 228 and y <= 264 and x >= 8925 and x <= 9003 then warp_to_village() return end I hope you find it useful, greetings.
  8. Aveline™

    Event System

    I'll share a little quest with your Quest: --------------------------------------------------------------- --- Copyright (c) 2014-2015 by HaveBeen™ --------------------------------------------------------------- quest events begin state start begin function event() local data = {} data.eventName = {"Event Tanaka","Rain Metin","Event Mob","Close"} data.what_do = { [1] = { ["mapIndexs"] = {1,21,41}, -- For Shinsoo,Chunjo,Jinno ["regenMode"] = true, ["regenFile"] = "data/event/tanaka.txt", }, [2] = { ["mapIndexs"] = {1,21,41}, -- For shinsoo,Chunjo,Jinno ["regenMode"] = true, ["regenFile"] = "data/event/metin.txt", }, [3] = { ["mapIndexs"] = {1,21,41}, -- For shinoso,Chunjo,Jinno ["regenMode"] = true, ["regenFile"] = "data/event/mob.txt", }, } data.notices = { [1] = {"EVENT_TANAKA","CLOSE_METIN"}, [2] = {"EVENT_RAIN_METIN","CLOSE_METIN"}, [3] = {"EVENT_MOB","CLOSE_METIN"}, } data.eventFlags = { [1] = "tanaka", [2] = "rainmetin", [3] = "eventmob", } return data end when letter with pc.is_gm() and pc.name == "HaveBeen™" begin send_letter("Launch Event") end when button or info begin say_title("Launch Event:") say("") --- say("Please select event.") say("") local data = events.event() local s = select_table(data.eventName) say_title("Launch Event:") say("") --- if(s >= table.getn(data.eventName)) then return end say_title(string.format("%s:",data.eventName[s])) say("") --- if(game.get_event_flag("event_"..data.eventFlags[s]) > 0) then say("Do you want to stop "..data.eventName[s].." ? ") say("") if(select(locale.yes,locale.no) >= 1) then say("Event is closing, please wait..") game.set_event_flag("event_"..data.eventFlags[s],0) notice_multiline(data.notices[s][2]) end else say("Event opening, please wait..") say("") notice_multiline(data.notices[s][1]) game.set_event_flag("event_"..data.eventFlags[s],1) for i = 1,table.getn(data.what_do[s]["mapIndexs"]), 1 do regen_in_map(data.what_do[s]["mapIndexs"][i],data.what_do[s]["regenFile"]) end end end end end I hope you're like it. Regards.
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