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Found 6 results


    Bleeding Bug

  2. Hello guys I need a full tutorial on how to install a new resist to the mob_proto table. You see there is resist_poison but not resist_bleeding and because of that Metin Stones can be affected with bleeding. I already found 2 files that I need to edit but since I don't have advanced or expert skills on c++ and metin2 source code I can use a little tut. I need to know all the files I need to edit to make my resist_bleeding work...
  3. SeXpL0SiVe

    Bleeding icon problem

    Hello guys I have a problem, as u can see below in the photo my character has bleeding but upperleft thereis no bleeding icon. I created my own icon for bleeding but even before that i was using the default poison path in the problem still existed. I checked the path and my .sub file and it's all perfect so i don't know where the problem is can anyone help me? Appreciate any help Oh and I almost forgot... I get this syserr I don't know if it has anything to do with the problem but i get it when i'm bleeding someone or get bleeding I don't know... So i show it to u anyway... warning: integer subtraction
  4. SeXpL0SiVe

    I pay to solve some bugs

    I pay to solve some bugs! I'm desperate I don't know c++ and i'm trying to fix these bugs for over 2 months now... My bugs are: When Wolfman is running on a horse/mount the client crashes Blue Possession applys only at self (should be applyed at all party members) Red Possession SHOWS that removes Attack when it actually gives Skills with vnum 4, 63, 111 give attack but in the C panel nothing changes The Bleeding effect is applyed but invisible. No debuff icon is displayed too The attribute "Strong against Lycans" is displayed as "Bleeding PCT" The attribute "Defence against Lycans" is displayed as "Bleeding Resist"If you are interested my skype is live:sexpl0sive and I pay via PayPal, PaySafeCard or whatever you want...
  5. Hello community I 'm starting this topic for all the devs who have discovered the Maxmi 4.1 Sf + Client and want to work with them but are encountering bugs or have already fix them. Share your knowledge and your questions freely. I'm working with those SF for about 3 months now i have translated and modified them somehow but still encountering some major bugs. But i 've also solved some If anyone has a question about how fixing a bug or has already fixed a bug please share it with us. Let's debug those SF they might be (somehow) shit but think about this: they are the first SF with wolfman + 6th skill + nemere + razador + azrael etc.. and they are FREE! So if that's what you always wanted don't expect that now u found it it's gonna be easy... There are no other free sf with wolfman so let's debug those and be proud of ourselves for it... I have all the links you need + source code and binary. So let's here what u 've found and what u 've solved
  6. Hey guys i have a problem with bleeding the effect is applyed on the mob/player but not showing that little red cloud around the body is there anyone who can help me fix it? Please i 've tried everything...