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Found 596 results

  1. Hi, I would like to reduce the maximum bow distance that an assassin can shoot with the bow. If for example the max distance is 2500, i would like to reduce it to 1100/1200, but i can't find where it is this thing Does anyone of you know it? Thank you
  2. Hi, I'd like to make that with a specific vnum (like 299, 399, 499 ecc) the int iSkillBonus = int iNormalHitBonus = will be different, I don't think this is the right way to do it, it is just an example to explain how i'd like to do it Thank you void CItemAddonManager::ApplyAddonTo(int iAddonType, LPITEM pItem) { if (!pItem) { sys_err("ITEM pointer null"); return; } //FOR EXAMPLE SOMETHING LIKE THIS: switch (item->GetVnum()) { case 299: case 399: case 499: case 599: int iSkillBonus = MINMAX(-40, (int) (gauss_random(0, 5) + 0.5f), 40); int iNormalHitBonus = 0; if (abs(iSkillBonus) <= 30) iNormalHitBonus = -2 * iSkillBonus + abs(number(-8, 8) + number(-8, 8)) + number(1, 4); else iNormalHitBonus = -2 * iSkillBonus + number(1, 5); pItem->RemoveAttributeType(APPLY_SKILL_DAMAGE_BONUS); pItem->RemoveAttributeType(APPLY_NORMAL_HIT_DAMAGE_BONUS); pItem->AddAttribute(APPLY_NORMAL_HIT_DAMAGE_BONUS, iNormalHitBonus); pItem->AddAttribute(APPLY_SKILL_DAMAGE_BONUS, iSkillBonus); } //ELSE IF THE VNUM ISN'T ABOVE, DO THIS ATTRIBUTE int iSkillBonus = MINMAX(-30, (int) (gauss_random(0, 5) + 0.5f), 30); int iNormalHitBonus = 0; if (abs(iSkillBonus) <= 20) iNormalHitBonus = -2 * iSkillBonus + abs(number(-8, 8) + number(-8, 8)) + number(1, 4); else iNormalHitBonus = -2 * iSkillBonus + number(1, 5); pItem->RemoveAttributeType(APPLY_SKILL_DAMAGE_BONUS); pItem->RemoveAttributeType(APPLY_NORMAL_HIT_DAMAGE_BONUS); pItem->AddAttribute(APPLY_NORMAL_HIT_DAMAGE_BONUS, iNormalHitBonus); pItem->AddAttribute(APPLY_SKILL_DAMAGE_BONUS, iSkillBonus); }
  3. Hi, I'd like to add in source that you can't use the mount and horse while you are in a dungeon if pc.in_dungeon() then syschat("You can't use this mount while you are in a Dungeon.") return end I used this in my quest of ride.lua, but i would prefer add this in the server source and add that you can't summon/ride the horse in dungeon and if you are riding a mount/horse you unmount it. Anyone can help me to do this? Thank you again!
  4. anonim55

    solved Game99 problem

    Hi all. I have a little problem. If I try to teleport, let's say, to OX event (113 on game99) from map1 (channel1_1) it kicks me out and will not let me login. But if I try to teleport to OX from whatever map from channel1_2 (let's say Lungsam or Red forest) it teleports me without any problem. Why I can't teleport to game99 from channel1 core 1, but from core2 I am able to teleport? I can teleport without problems from core1 to core2 and from core2 to game99, but from core1 to game99 I can't. I doesn't have any syserr regarding to this problem. Thank you!
  5. Hello, i recently installed special storage and fixed some problems but I still got one which is big. If I have items in the special storage and I`m rebooting the server the items are disappearing but they still appear in database. I mean in navicat the items are still there. Any tips? Thank you
  6. Hi!Devs, my client, Player through the body, like pictures, I don't want them to be traversed, unstoppable, this is an inexplicable mistake, where should I change it? Thank you for your answer The best wishes for you~
  7. Hi, I'm doing a test and i would like to add a new bonus here: mysql player/skill_proto there are almost all bonuses, i would like to add a bonus like strong vs sura, or war or animal Do you know how i can do it? Thank you
  8. Hello, i would like to add the belt in my Fast Equip, the problem is that the belt has no WearableFlag like neck, ear, foots etc.. The Belt in the item_proto has only ITEM_BELT, how could i add it in this part then? thank you def SelectItemSlot(self, itemSlotIndex): isAttached = mouseModule.mouseController.isAttached() if isAttached: attachedSlotType = mouseModule.mouseController.GetAttachedType() attachedSlotPos = mouseModule.mouseController.GetAttachedSlotNumber() itemIndex = player.GetItemIndex(attachedSlotPos) itemCount = player.GetItemCount(attachedSlotPos) item.SelectItem(itemIndex) itemType = item.GetItemType() itemSubType = item.GetItemSubType() if itemSlotIndex == 1 and item.IsWearableFlag(item.WEARABLE_BODY): self.tokens[itemSlotIndex-1] = attachedSlotPos elif itemSlotIndex == 2 and item.IsWearableFlag(item.WEARABLE_HEAD): self.tokens[itemSlotIndex-1] = attachedSlotPos elif itemSlotIndex == 3 and item.IsWearableFlag(item.WEARABLE_FOOTS): self.tokens[itemSlotIndex-1] = attachedSlotPos elif itemSlotIndex == 4 and item.IsWearableFlag(item.WEARABLE_WRIST): self.tokens[itemSlotIndex-1] = attachedSlotPos elif itemSlotIndex == 5 and item.IsWearableFlag(item.WEARABLE_WEAPON): self.tokens[itemSlotIndex-1] = attachedSlotPos elif itemSlotIndex == 6 and item.IsWearableFlag(item.WEARABLE_NECK): self.tokens[itemSlotIndex-1] = attachedSlotPos elif itemSlotIndex == 7 and item.IsWearableFlag(item.WEARABLE_EAR): self.tokens[itemSlotIndex-1] = attachedSlotPos elif itemSlotIndex == 8 and item.IsWearableFlag(item.WEARABLE_SHIELD): self.tokens[itemSlotIndex-1] = attachedSlotPos elif itemSlotIndex == 9 and ?????? ITEM_BELT: self.tokens[itemSlotIndex-1] = attachedSlotPos else: return
  9. Hello team Metin2Dev I have a problem, recently I installed the above mentioned system on the side. - Binary - Src everything went well 0 errors, on the client side gives me this error: Syserr: 1003 03: 18: 20799 :: (line: 151) __LoadDialog (line: 3519) LoadScriptFile (line: 3719) LoadChildren (line: 3719) LoadChildren (line: 3526) LoadChildren DuelloDialog.LoadDialog.BindObject - <type 'exceptions.RuntimeError'>: Failed to load image (filename: d: / ymir work / efsun_gui / private_leftNameImg.sub) 1003 03: 18: 20799 :: ============================================== ================================================== ================ 1003 03: 18: 20799 :: Abortion !!! I go into the game everything goes well but when I press that button it gives me an instant crash
  10. IIHi there, anyone has an idea about these 2 errors ? I've tried to take back an old client source compiled in vs2008/2010 i don't know and update all required but.. I just don't find any issue for this (vs2017) libjpeg-9aMT.lib(jerror.obj) : error LNK2001: symbole externe non rÚsolu ___iob_func Thanks
  11. tututu

    solved Client

    Hello. I have one problem, which I just noticed. In Character selection the level indicator is incorrect. Max level 250, but shows 44. Which file is responsible for it? i think db source, but I don't know which one is wrong. Thanks for the tips and if there is a solution for it too!
  12. EnZiiK

    solved Delete

    Edit: Wrong section.. please delete this..
  13. OnlyRipper

    solved Cheque System by WLsj24

    I still have one single problem left about this system.I know i've driven WLsj24 crazy with all my questions... Link to his system: Almost eveyrhting is working fine,but when i buy something from an opened shop it take the Won from the Buyer,but the seller doesn't recieve them. I've been doing and redoing this tutorial for 2 weeks(the old one and the new one). This is the only problme i have left and i don't know where to look for this problem.I don't have errors in any log(client + server).I'm blind at this point. I've rechecked every single cpp,h,py file... Can someone give me another idea where to look for this? I don't have implemented offline shop at all.It's just the normal shop. Exchange works. Dropping & Picking works. Buying and selling works 50%. ^^
  14. Hello m2dev! I have a one problem. i have a mistake, just don't know where. It is the Acce/Sash system. The problem is ,that is some icons not visible. None of the weapons,and some hair. where am I looking for the bug? I'm looking for it, but I don't know what it belongs to. syserr is nowhere to be found thanks for all the help npc shop:
  15. Syntaax

    solved special storage bug

    After i add the client changes to my client i cant upgrade my items anymore with upgradescroll... also i cant switch my items or add a bonus. Some ideas ? Ill add the changes to this thread 02. Client.rar
  16. weryoliveira

    solved Item_proto column name bug

    hi guys i have one little problem with my proto, now just see, i use martysama source and use proto from txt, but fill the proto db from txt, but in column name the names is it but in my item_proto.txt is this and i have a error with my drops named same in item_proto, soo my proto don't load name column in right charset, someone help my? sorry for very bad english
  17. Hello! Developers... When I am a normal player, my alignment=-20000, I become a red name, but when I am killed, I will not drop weapons and armor and anything, this is not normal, how can I modify it? Thank you for your answer The best wishes for you~
  18. weryoliveira

    solved Someone have this armors?

    hi guis someone have this armor? i want this so much
  19. hey i try to add rarity in the uitooltip via AddItemData for the attributes. For example, 1 to 5 is common and 6-7 is rare I tried So Does anyone have a solution? greetings if player.ATTRIBUTE_SLOT_RARE_START >=1 and player.ATTRIBUTE_SLOT_RARE_START <=5: self.AppendTextLine("Common", self.CONDITION_COLOR)
  20. tututu

    solved Insult *

    Hello m2dev. I would be interested,where can it be found the insult.txt what you write. ( swear= ******) I want to change the ****** one sentence.
  21. Cripplez

    solved edit: wrong thread

    EDITED: error wasn't caused from what i thought was the problem.
  22. Hello, I'd like to remove the option shinsoo from this part of the quest I think my problem is here "local ret = pc.change_empire(emp)" because i can't simply remove shinsoo from le local select emp when 71054.use begin say("Select new empire:[ENTER]") local emp = select("Shinsoo","Chunjo", "Jinno", "Exit") if emp == 4 then return end local ret = pc.change_empire(emp) if ret == 999 then pc.remove_item(item.get_vnum(), 1) say("you changed empire") elseif ret == 1 then say("You can't change empire") elseif ret == 2 then say("You can't change empire") elseif ret == 3 then say("You can't change empire") end end
  23. Hi guys How can I make this working with 2nd and 3rd grade of horse? Cause when I had reached a 20lvl of horse calculation is started from the beginning. elif 130 == skillIndex: self.ClearToolTip() self.__SetSkillTitle(skillIndex, skillGrade) ## Description description = skill.GetSkillDescription(skillIndex) self.AppendDescription(description, 25) self.AppendSpace(5) if skillLevel == 0: self.AppendTextLine(localeInfo.0SKILL_LEVEL, self.NEGATIVE_COLOR) else: self.AppendTextLine(localeInfo.MAX_HP % (75*skillLevel), self.POSITIVE_COLOR)
  24. Hi, developers, weapons set with gems (stone code = 28533), success rate %, where should this be adjusted and set? Thank you for your answer Best wishes to you
  25. Hi, i'd like to add the symbol " % " in my Bonus Page. For example i have this line and in game i see the result of bonus 45*2, how can i add the symbol % at the end of the result? Thank you self.GetChild2("Text_Slot29").SetText(str((player.GetStatus(45)*2)))