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  1. Hello, im writing own offline shops and i have a problem that i cant deal with. I encountered a problem with getting the total number of yang from the currency safebox. The type of data storage in the column is "bigint", the equivalent to "long long" in c++. I tried to do it by all means but the number after reading is a minus value. When i set the data type to "int" everything works as it should but this data type is unfortunately too small. Any ideas anyone has?
  2. Hi how to changed .sql to .txt ? Thanks All steps.. please
  3. Hey metin2 dev community, i recently started working on metin2 source (I'm a noob, so if you have any tips i'm open) and i want to know the purpose of this code fragment that is in char_battle.cpp in game/src. CSkillProto* pkSk = CSkillManager::instance().Get(SKILL_RESIST_PENETRATE); if (NULL != pkSk) { pkSk->SetPointVar("k", 1.0f * GetSkillPower(SKILL_RESIST_PENETRATE) / 100.0f); // I'm interested in this line iPenetratePct -= static_cast<int>(pkSk->kPointPoly.Eval()); } i might have an idea, is it replacing the variable "k" in the skill_proto in the database?, if yes, can i create my own variable ? let say "z" that only appear in warrior skill and pass any double value ? I hope that you get what i want, if i'm in the wrong direction please feel free to correct me. My ultimate goal is to pass a new variable to the skill_proto to modify a skill output damage(this variable can have any double value). Thanks in advance... Edit: I found what i was looking for ( Creating a new variable for skill proto), it was in char_skill.cpp
  4. Hi a have one problem SYSERR: Mar 28 23:11:39 :: SetShopItems: not enough shop window SYSERR: Mar 28 23:11:39 :: SetShopItems: not enough shop window SYSERR: Mar 28 23:11:39 :: SetShopItems: not enough shop window The server turns on everything just makes me angry
  5. Hello, I have a problem when i try to delete player Syser: PLAYER_DELETE FAILED len(6) Source: if (!IsChinaEventServer()) { if (strlen(r.social_id) < 7 || strncmp(packet->private_code, r.social_id + strlen(r.social_id) - 7, 7)) { sys_log(0, "PLAYER_DELETE FAILED len(%d)", strlen(r.social_id)); peer->EncodeHeader(HEADER_DG_PLAYER_DELETE_FAILED, dwHandle, 1); peer->EncodeBYTE(packet->account_index); return; }
  6. Hello guys. I have a problem about stones on weapons-armors. Normally when one has a +0 to +4 stone on an armor or weapon, but goes on to put another same stone from +0 to +4, he is sent a message that he cannot put the same stone twice. The problem I have is that because I have +5 and +6 stones on my server, when someone has already placed a +0 to +4 stone it doesn't get the corresponding message for +5 and +6 stones. The problem is that one can have a +4 stone and a same +6 stone in one weapon. Thanks.
  7. Hi I have a problem with port to the ox map I tried different commands but the map it just portraits you do not know someone where the error thanks Screen : https://ctrlv.cz/7BbG /go ox /warp etc...
  8. Good morning all, I installed the pet system but when I got to the client I got this error so the file is available in the requested folder. Why would anyone? PetInformationWindow.LoadWindow.BindObject - <type 'exceptions.IOError'>:[Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'locale/pt/pet_skill.txt' https://gyazo.com/fa2074d09bbacfb367ed67b4f2725519 Thank's you
  9. I have FreeBSD 12.1 and Gcc7, i compile game in the 32 bit system but my game machine is 64 bit i think this is the main problem. What do you guys thing ? Any solution for this ? Solved ; Go cd /usr/loca/lib/gcc7 Copy libstc++.so.6.xxx file and rename it libstc++.so.6 and paste it usr/lib32 and usr/lib locations. Thats solve the problem.
  10. Hello, i have little bug with the Change Race, If i'm ninja and i have arrows equiped after i change my race to war or others the arrows remain in the slot.
  11. Hello guys, i have a little problem with the Meley run. Once in a while one of my cores ( the one that is used by the run ) crashes and then i get this : https://imgur.com/JVysRDT MeleyLair.cpp bool CMgrMap::IsPartecipant(DWORD dwPlayerID) { bool bCheck = std::find(v_Partecipants.begin(), v_Partecipants.end(), dwPlayerID) != v_Partecipants.end(); return bCheck; } void CMgr::OnKillCommon(LPCHARACTER pkMonster, LPCHARACTER pkChar, CGuild* pkGuild) { if ((!pkMonster) || (!pkChar) || (!pkGuild)) return; CMgrMap* pMap = m_RegGuilds.find(pkGuild->GetID())->second; if (!pMap) return; else if (!pMap->IsPartecipant(pkChar->GetPlayerID())) return; else if (pMap->GetDungeonStep() < 3) return; int iChance = number(1, 100); if (iChance > 70) { LPITEM pkItem = ITEM_MANAGER::instance().CreateItem(SEAL_VNUM_KILL_STATUE); if (!pkItem) return; PIXEL_POSITION mPos; mPos.x = pkMonster->GetX(); mPos.y = pkMonster->GetY(); pkItem->AddToGround(pMap->GetMapIndex(), mPos); pkItem->StartDestroyEvent(); pkItem->SetOwnership(pkChar, 60); } } char_battle.cpp if ((IsStone()) || (IsMonster())) { if (pkKiller) { if (((GetMobTable().dwVnum == (DWORD)(MeleyLair::MOBVNUM_RESPAWN_STONE_STEP2)) || (GetMobTable().dwVnum == (DWORD)(MeleyLair::MOBVNUM_RESPAWN_BOSS_STEP3))) && (MeleyLair::CMgr::instance().IsMeleyMap(pkKiller->GetMapIndex()))) MeleyLair::CMgr::instance().OnKill(GetMobTable().dwVnum, pkKiller->GetGuild()); else if (MeleyLair::CMgr::instance().IsMeleyMap(pkKiller->GetMapIndex())) MeleyLair::CMgr::instance().OnKillCommon(this, pkKiller, pkKiller->GetGuild()); } } If any of you has any idea about what triggers that crash and/or what can i fix, i'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  12. I made a new map but I get the error "You can't fish here" on the map I can’t fishing near by the sea but i already select this area is water from worldeditor How can i fix this situation
  13. Hello , i have this problem with the target hp it happen with mob/player with autoattack or skills , compiled client+game+db without and no sysser i dont know why i have that . Thanks https://gyazo.com/80cc9cd504c50a7f003a9812e3c1ab1b
  14. FIX: ui.py add: def MakeRadioButton(parent, x, y, tooltipText, path, up, over, down): button = RadioButton() button.SetParent(parent) button.SetPosition(x, y) button.SetUpVisual(path + up) button.SetOverVisual(path + over) button.SetDownVisual(path + down) button.SetToolTipText(tooltipText) button.Show() return button class MoveChannelDialog replace this: self.channelButtonList.append(ui.MakeButton(self.blackBoard, 7, 7+30*i, "", "d:/ymir work/ui/game/myshop_deco/", "select_btn_01.sub", "select_btn_02.sub", "select_btn_03.sub")) with this: self.channelButtonList.append(ui.MakeRadioButton(self.blackBoard, 7, 7+30*i, "", "d:/ymir work/ui/game/myshop_deco/", "select_btn_01.sub", "select_btn_02.sub", "select_btn_03.sub")) Hey there, this is my problem. the down event not working right (only in this window) i hope someone have any idea. (i didnt changed anything in the class and source)
  15. Hey guys i have a Problem with my Dragonsoul Alchemi... This Slot, wont work. I Cannot Refine then. Video: https://streamable.com/s2ern I Saw this topic: Bug the guy only postet "Fixed" and not how... I found out the its a Problem with the Beld inventroy... but i dont know how to fix this. Can somebody tell me the Fix? Some infos about my Src. Martyfiles ( v4.9.40 ) 4 Inventroypages + Belt + Dragonsoul ~Meragon
  16. Hi, i was trying to change the negative HP when i teleport, but when i change the char.cpp file this error comes out: This error comes even if i delete one character and add it right after and save the file. If i do any modifications, even if the file stays the same, no changes at all, this error comes out. Any ideas why this happens? Thanks in advance EDIT: Yes, i know, a few minutes after i find the solution, one of the "{" was commented i believe it was because character enncode that changed something, not sure what or why caused that, but i just found it, after 2 hours looking at this. Sorry for the spam, but everytime i ask something i seem to figure it out alone a few minutes after..
  17. SYSERR: Mar 1 20:12:45 :: Analyze: Handshake phase does not handle packet 80 (fd 50) SYSERR: Mar 1 20:12:45 :: Process: SEQUENCE_LOG [UNKNOWN]------------- [080 : 0xaf] SYSERR: Mar 1 20:12:45 :: Analyze: Handshake phase does not handle packet 80 (fd 42) SYSERR: Mar 1 20:12:45 :: Process: SEQUENCE_LOG [UNKNOWN]------------- [080 : 0xaf] SYSERR: Mar 1 20:12:45 :: Analyze: Handshake phase does not handle packet 80 (fd 50) SYSERR: Mar 1 20:12:45 :: Process: SEQUENCE_LOG [UNKNOWN]------------- [080 : 0xaf] SYSERR: Mar 1 20:12:45 :: Analyze: Handshake phase does not handle packet 80 (fd 42) SYSERR: Mar 1 20:12:45 :: Analyze: Handshake phase does not handle packet 80 (fd 50) SYSERR: Mar 1 20:12:45 :: Analyze: Handshake phase does not handle packet 80 (fd 42) SYSERR: Mar 1 20:12:45 :: Process: SEQUENCE_LOG [UNKNOWN]------------- [080 : 0xaf] Client: 0301 20:05:34250 :: invalid idx 0 0301 20:08:43366 :: invalid idx 0 Good evening! This error started from nothing and whenever you select the character or teleport, it is disconnected. Does anyone have any idea if it is a flaw or vulnerability that someone is using? (At first, it started after 200 ~~ 250 online, now with 20 ~~ 50 online the errors start, out of nowhere) I thank you for your attention! = D Fix:
  18. Hello, I'm trying to make a notice that when you kill Beran it will say: "name of player's guild" has killed Beran" I tried this but doesn't work: notice_all(""..guild.get_name().." has killed Beran!")
  19. Hi! As the title says, i'd like to remove/reposition some of the Guild Land NPC(the NPC you talk to buy a land to your guild). Since i'm using my own maps and index/coordinates, they are all over the maps i don't want to and in blocked zones. Someone knows where i can change/delete this? I've tried on both sources, removing the line where NPC is spawned, it works on removing the NPC from the map, but on client side, it still comes in the map. I tried removing those too, but it clears all the map, even from the "normal" NPC, myself, monster, etc.. (the map stays empty) So i'd like to solve this in the best way, if possible where the info where this NPCs coordinates/location is. I've tried to find the file, seems like it's invisible. Thanks in advance. EDIT: Yeah, sometimes i feel dumb. After reading what i wrote again, i was looking for a file but the solution is in player database > land don't remove all the lines or you will get an error starting the server, just change what you want from "YES" to "NO". I always answer the things i post. I should post earlier so i don't waste a lot of time on this >.< Topic can be closed.
  20. Dear guys, I have a problem with server source. Can someone help me? 32bit FreeBSD not enough memory. My error code is cc1plus: out of memory allocating 3355443200 bytes after a total of 0 bytes. Please help me. Thanks.
  21. Hello I'm trying to make this refine item only for item_weapon and another refine item for item_armor I tried something like this but it's not working, the item 71032 should only work for weapon but when i use it on a weapon or another item it says the message of error Do you know how i can fix this? Thank you case USE_TUNING: case USE_DETACHMENT: { LPITEM item2; switch (item->GetVnum()) { case 71032: if (item2->GetType() != ITEM_WEAPON) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("error_refine_only_weapon")); return false; } break; case 39022: if (item2->GetSubType() != ARMOR_BODY) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("error_refine_only_armor")); return false; } break; } if (!IsValidItemPosition(DestCell) || !(item2 = GetItem(DestCell))) return false; if (item2->IsExchanging() || item2->IsEquipped()) // @fixme114 return false; #ifdef ENABLE_ACCE_SYSTEM if (item->GetValue(0) == ACCE_CLEAN_ATTR_VALUE0) { if (!CleanAcceAttr(item, item2)) return false; return true; } #endif
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