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  1. RabbitRun

    Metin2United is(n't) dead

    Ah yes this topic is still popular. I'm actually embarrassed when I read my posts again but since this thread is kind of wanted I will leave it here. Well first off I'd like to thank anyone who reminded me of this. Because Metin2Club is down, this thread does also make part of it. And yes, I'm aware Metin2United is back again but as a whole new team. Will it now stay stable? Who knows... @wezt, thank you for Metin2Club. Even tho I was an ass, I made the best of it. I don't know what you are going to do now, but I wish you the best of luck. But what about United? There are more Staff members than there is significance. I hope they sort out the good ones and I have faith for a somewhat long existing server. Since I have nothing better to do, I will stay there for as long as they want me. @flash and @Legendarul, good luck. Furthermore I have nothing more to add. See you around
  2. RabbitRun

    Metin2United is(n't) dead

    Hello, Today Metin2Club has reached an one year anniversary. But how is it now? The true fact is I really have no idea. I'm banned there long ago, and sometimes I login just to not miss my friends. But yea it's running and the features are quite unique I must say. I think this server is one of the most compatible server, dispite RottenRoot, to have ever seen. Knowing Fisher, who's also active on this Forum, never give up @Will Ferrell: it seems you are mistaken. 2 Months are passed allright @Fouado: you won't even login ever again so I won't waste my time on mongrels Members, anyone here playing Club? Share your opinions. Also stories about United is welcomed. I love reading them
  3. RabbitRun

    Metin2United is(n't) dead

    Metin2United was taken by the old owner CM Fisher. All names of United were changed to Club. The content is the exact same.
  4. I'd use TorBrowser. Just like FireFox but it completely makes you anonymous. And for free I prefer still this one than that one. Their homepage, click on me
  5. RabbitRun

    Costume weapon problem

    Seems like scale is wrong. I see you have 5 invertory pages. Tried to put custom sword on/off on all pages?
  6. RabbitRun

    Metin2United is(n't) dead

    Hello, the best greetings to all of you. Today, the day that had to come. It's a true fact that I can acknowldge now: Metin2United is dead forever. The reason? Probably due to income and players loss. Metin2United was online for almost 6 damn years, which is why I'd like to respect such a huge archievement. So many mad times, so many friends, so many good times. The story is simple. Let's go back in the past for 1,5 years. United gained a new Forum. At that time [SGA]Maiko was active. She was not only a devil *****, but also a rulebending ****. She created her own rules, and applied them whenever she wanted. She left Staff team cause of the following dillema. [GA]Fouado came into the Staff Team. He was there earlier but he got kicked due to his inactivity (according to a friend of mine, since I wasn't there at those times). He already reinstated his position back. He promised everything. Within 2 weeks he got promoted to CoMa rank. His purpose? Developing the Server. Well he did indeed, he only made some simple things on a NPC to make yourself transformed into a Mob. But after 1 week the update was worthless. Fouado remain quiet and he was inactive again. So Maiko left and Fouado was inactive. Brilliant Team. In fact Maiko was jealously because she didnt get CoMa rank, and Fouado did even due his inactive times. 1 Month later. [CoMa]Fisher put Maiko back in his Team as CoMa. Maiko's purpose? Maintaining Support Ticket and overal Team Manager. Only because players begged her to come back, we all had a painful feeling that she left, we didn't want United down back then. But at the other hand we did. But it was not the time to do it. Maiko and Fouado are still in Team. Fouado didn't logged for over 2 months, ignored all messages. Money-grabbing updates were applied to the Servers. It was all about taking the last money from players before shutting down. 3-4 months later Fouado was kicked due to his inactivity. I'll be surprised if he didn't know about his removal. We had now 4 CoMa's and 10+ Gm's on a Server with barely 60 players. Between 1 year and 2 months ago from now, nothing happened much really. It was slowly dieing and it was only a matter of time when United is closing. 1 month ago CoMa Crusader left Staff Team because Belius kicked him (reason unknown). Crusader was a good person to talk with, but if you break your faith with him, he's a real ass. On October 16th, CoMa Fisher left Staff Team because Belius kicked him aswell. Fisher was the only coder United had. He was a good person to talk with if you had any problem. Although he did not response that fast, eventually it will come. Maiko and Belius are the only CoMa's left on the server. Maiko cannot develop anything, Belius barely has knowledge how to maintain his Server. 3 weeks ago they made a foolish choise: Belius put Fouado back with his Team. Fouado promised everything again but he failed. He was inactive untill the end. Maiko keep making the server smile with her little excuses "everything is going to be alright, dont worry, I will make sure of it.". And still she didn't know anything. 1 week ago Belius even mentioned something. Like this: Today the day the server Closed. I am sure Crusader and Fisher have seen it comming. We players did aswell but we didn't know exactly when. When Fouado was back with the Team some players had faith the server will return. But no, it did not. Belius killed his own Database, his forum Database. Almost 6 years of work is deleted. Many memories are stored. I'm fine with United begin down. I made this story because I find it worth to tell about it. There are so many more stories to be told, but I'm not going to put them all on here. I am RabbitRun, I started Metin2United 5 years ago. Barely 3 months later I got scammed (my own fault) and ever since then I never gave any account information or items to ANY player. Not even on other Servers. I restarted again with the unknown player name "Coolboy1". 3 years ago I decided to change my identity. I changed my name to RabbitRun. With time I have gathered my items, my goal was almost succeeded but I did not make it. Once again so many stories are behind. Feel free to ask questions below, in Forum PM, or any related Social Media down my Profile Details. You may also leave a story yourself. It's to those whom are in charge to leave a story themselves. I thank you for reading. Greetings, the only RabbitRun
  7. RabbitRun

    Lets talk : New System from Ymir (Shoulder System ?)

    Suck it with your buggy files xD. And no its way too small
  8. RabbitRun

    Lets talk : New System from Ymir (Shoulder System ?)

    So it really is absorbing bonuses, from its max item it absorbs 11/20% of existing bonuses on item, and the item it gone. Do you think it's a real money-hooking update?
  9. RabbitRun

    Lets talk : New System from Ymir (Shoulder System ?)

    They made a risk too when they added the 5th race because the existing bonuses will be useless. The 6/7 will come for sure, no doubt. And shoulders will have resistance I think..
  10. RabbitRun

    Lets talk : New System from Ymir (Shoulder System ?)

    I dont think there will be another race/class. I think there will come 6/7 bonuses available for new resistances, but we still gotta see these shoulders' stats - I was thinking about all existing resistances. Lets just see..
  11. RabbitRun

    Lets talk : New System from Ymir (Shoulder System ?)

    This sytem is a money grabbling update. Same as the uncompleted Lycan. Noone have to buy a new PC for newer graphics lol, you know those got a limit too. However we should wait how this system really works, not flippin some source if you dont even know it for sure. To answer your question @GatoaH, not yet. Wait for the perfect balance and female lycan.
  12. RabbitRun


    I still don't get the textures part. I am afraid I have to ask for some better specified TuT cos I still don't get it..... xD (Yes I have read the whole thread and tried to figure out how to get that done... Did not succeed). Nice work btw. #EDIT: Finally got it work myself. Now got another question: I saw somewhere I could add guild lands, but forgot where now.. Anybody knows ? Answers are appreciated
  13. RabbitRun

    RottenRoot - Official Teaser

    I wish it was English and that the server is up ;d