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  1. no working :[ shit.
  2. Just choice server from private servers list -->> do there -->> register account by website -->> have fun
  3. terrorr

    c++ Metin2 | Bonus on Belts

    it's shit. Not working :/
  4. This is buggy because if you use this tick then you can't move any item or use in inventory
  5. terrorr

    c++ Trade Chat

    All working fine:) THX
  6. Say what do you want bro... Witch problems you have?
  7. Hi I have problem with offlineshop bonus attr. When I add item to offlineshop with full 1-7 bonus then bonus are crash. Just when I close my shop and items come back or delete item from shop, items are bugged, bonus in this item are crash or disaper, also I can't change bonus in this item. This is the movie where is the problem. Please help me about this or add some fix for that. Thank you, regards.
  8. terrorr

    [RLS]Slot Effect System

    If you change channel or teleport to any map all items have "new mark".
  9. terrorr

    Offline Shop npc_table bug

    Doesn't exist ! This info nothing to say you? -- ---------------------------- -- Table structure for `offline_shop_npc` -- ---------------------------- DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `offline_shop_npc`; CREATE TABLE `offline_shop_npc` ( `owner_id` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `sign` varchar(32) DEFAULT NULL, `name` varchar(32) DEFAULT NULL, `time` int(11) DEFAULT NULL, `x` int(11) DEFAULT NULL, `y` int(11) DEFAULT NULL, `z` int(11) DEFAULT NULL, `mapIndex` int(11) DEFAULT NULL, `channel` int(2) DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`owner_id`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1; -- ---------------------------- -- Records of offline_shop_npc -- ----------------------------
  10. terrorr

    Some log errors maybe some help

    " SpawnMob: cannot create monster at non-exist sectree 405100 x 656600 (map 61) " "On this cordinates map index (61) some moob cannot be respawn because sectre is wrong = server_atr" " Initialize: QUEST Cannot open 'questnpc.txt' " "Make new txt file questnpc.txt in your quest folder" " regen_load: locale/romania/map/metin2_map_monkey_dungeon_12/boss.txt &&& regen_load: locale/romania/map/metin2_map_deviltower1/boss.txt: file not found " "Make new txt file boss.txt in this folders metin2_map_monkey_dungeon_12 &&& metin2_map_deviltower1 and add missed boss cordinates " " no sectree for spawn at 824981 202812 mobvnum 8007 mapindex 43 " "Moob 8007 not be spawn on map index 43 in this 824981 202812 cordinates" " Motion: LoadFromFile fail: data/pc3/wolfman/twohand_sword/run.msa " "MSA files you have to check all of them path in your data folder server site, if missed then add them from client" Have a nice day.
  11. terrorr

    Time back after reboot

    Reboot comand it's just if necessary or maintenance ! "shutdown -r now" enough !
  12. terrorr


    Of course I was read "boy" .... Maybe you have some problem about it? Or maybe you wanna jump on my dick, aaa "boy"? I just give him my opinion from this log which he added, and that was for free. For you log isn't full, but for me that one have to be repair. But you are "developer" so... Merry Christmas Micha.
  13. terrorr


    It's just simple mysql problem with query to your base. Table : 'what' , 'playtime' , loginlog2 Also repair your sectre in maps Also : Data too long for column 'command' Repair this one and say if fixed. Nothing intresting in log...
  14. terrorr

    Items Dissapearing Randomly

    You not say nothing more about this problem. Probably item from IS? If yes then items from IS have to come to item_award.
  15. terrorr

    Mobs Texture problem

  16. terrorr

    Shop offline crash my core

    Just this is the problem : Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (61) Try reinstal mysql and all be fine.
  17. terrorr

    Shop offline crash my core

    You has a Mysql problem.
  18. terrorr

    Problem six stone in offline shop

    You have to just update sockets
  19. So how is possible my one works great ? Your one no?
  20. For not trade items add antiflag : 74112
  21. terrorr

    how to close 1 empire

    Why yellow? Shinso is most buggy than Yellow
  22. If you haven't got any sysser so how we can help you ?
  23. terrorr

    Teleport double mount bonus

    And also you can add : quest mount_teleport_bug begin state start begin when logout or disconnect or exit or shutdown with pc.get_level() > 0 begin command("unmount") end end end