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  1. First of all Hello everyone My dear friend Batuhan, I took over the works because of their busy work. Saying "Your Friend" Full Server Net ^ _ ^ The friend who made this net couldn't do it because he was so sleepy. We DO NOT RECOMMEND USING AS RTURK. --------------------- IMAGE ----------------- Download ------ GAME_SOURCE --------- CLIENT_SOURCE+FOXFS'SİZ ------------- FULL_PATCH ----------- DUMP_OPEN -------- GAME_MYSQL ------------- Virs ToTal ----------- NAVİCAT_PD; revoltsbab to The PACK_İSLEM. 1-) GETTING EXAMPLE FROM THE ROOT, THROUGH THE ROOT IN THE PACKOPEN CLASSOR 2-) WE MAKE NAME OF THE ROOT ROOT.METİN2 3-) WE DRIVE ON EXEN 4-) WE RELEASE ROOT.EIX AND EPK OUR ETERNEXUSTA WE MAKE OUR BUSINESS 5-) IN PACKOPEN FOLDER, WE DELETE EXCLUSIVE EVERYTHING AND THROUGH EIX EPK TO THE PACKOPENE WE ARE EDITING 6-) WE DRIVE TWICE OF EIX AND EPK TO THE EXE AND WE ARE ROOTING THE NAME. ------------- YOU HAVE IP LICENSE BACK --------------- Thanks for sharing. --------------------- Soures:turkmmo
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    sorry The topic was written in English pro I like what you publish and link Mo Mvirs I try to benefited everyone was reportedly also
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    Today I offer you costumes found while walking on the just4metin forum, I found them nice so here: -Icons -Models -Textures Download virustotal Source : just4metin PSNoticeable: I haven't tested it so I don't really know what they're worth.
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    New link?:)
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