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  1. Syriza

    [C++][FIX] Scale of Sash & Official Pet

    How sweet he is , so cutee gj mate
  2. Syriza

    [Mini] Python Open Link (Chrome)

  3. Syriza

    [RLS]Improving: Loading about players

    Can any Moderator fix the Topic he deleted it
  4. Syriza

    open Item_Award Time

    is there a fix for 4 sockets? i tried to do your system with 4 socket, it didnt work. ( many others tried to help me unsuccesfully..)
  5. Syriza

    open Elemental Resistances

    isnt this the calculation from martys source? why did you release it lol
  6. Syriza

    solved Bosshunter Event

    This should be what you are looking for: I dont know who made the system but it's working.
  7. Syriza

    solved Keep login data in the column

    In DONT_REMOVE_LOGIN_ID_PASSWORD_AFTER_WRONG_TRY = 0 change the function SetPasswordEditLineFocus def SetPasswordEditLineFocus(self): if constInfo.DONT_REMOVE_LOGIN_ID_PASSWORD_AFTER_WRONG_TRY: if self.idEditLine != None: #0000862: [M2EU] 로그인창 팝업 에러: 종료시 먼저 None 설정됨 self.idEditLine.SetText("") self.idEditLine.SetFocus() #0000685: [M2EU] 아이디/비밀번호 유추 가능 버그 수정: 무조건 아이디로 포커스가 가게 만든다 if self.pwdEditLine != None: #0000862: [M2EU] 로그인창 팝업 에러: 종료시 먼저 None 설정됨 self.pwdEditLine.SetText("") else: if self.pwdEditLine != None: self.pwdEditLine.SetFocus()
  8. Syriza

    [RLS]Improving: Loading about players

    If only everyone were as friendly as you are, I really thank you for this release beautiful work. Now only a solution against the lagg which occurs when minimizing Metin2 is needed.
  9. Syriza

    [C++] MemoryBreak fix [Client src]

    And you are the most thankful person i met in this board
  10. thanks needed this too!
  11. Syriza

    [C++] MemoryBreak fix [Client src]

    thank you for your release!
  12. Syriza

    Gameforge again

  13. Syriza

    open question about refine

  14. guys can someone help me ? I need to check if the refine window is opened in but i do not know how to do it..