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  1. Syriza

    open After changing attribute frameskip

    Already done all of that shit nothing found Rest in P
  2. Aaaannd me again, Vegas always helping
  3. Syriza

    open After changing attribute frameskip

    In turkish we say ‚hayirli olsun‘ which means congrulations. any god out here who Can take his 5 Minute to do some Crazy Shit ?
  4. Syriza

    open After changing attribute frameskip

    Yes i can bro. i was spaming the command /change, i think you can clearly see how it laggs everytime i write /change.. this problem is also with few items, for example new pet system or others..
  5. Syriza

    open After changing attribute frameskip

    Push any god out here who Can help
  6. Hey guys, i have a problem with new Serverfiles, i have a problem there which i cant fix Everytime i change the attribute of a item, i get a small lagg (in binary debug mode it says "frameskip..") Does anyone know why something like this can happen? Or what can i do against it?
  7. Syriza

    [How-To] Skip the intrologo like official

    Every fucking Time i quote Vegas and ask him something he helps me dude you are the dragon god of i will Test this tomorrow, big thanks!
  8. I prefer the k inventory one, its more secure
  9. Vegas-Sama Can you maybe tell how to do the Video with escape key, like official ? i mean being able to cancel the Video with escapekey
  10. Could be Python error, i mean if they still are in database ? Which one did you install ?
  11. Syriza

    [Compare Tool] M2_FILES_COMPARE

    This tool is insane @Helia01 big thanks to you!
  12. Syriza

    c++ [RLS]Sort Inventory(Mini Release)

    Same problem @Mali61 Can you help please? @VegaS™ bro can you help ? mali doesnt answer Edit: Problem solved, Vegas helped me he will post the solution
  13. Syriza

    c++ [RLS]Official Inventory Expansion

    I understand, but how can i increase the flush speed?
  14. Syriza

    [Warrior] Strong Body Icons Reworked

    Looks very sick!