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  1. Very nice work!! Hope you Continue
  2. Syriza

    [Warrior] Strong Body Icons Reworked

    Looks great! Thank you
  3. Hey guys im trying to solve this error since days.. im having trouble with the two shaman buffs (crit/Defense) they are not working if i use them nothing happens. Can someone please help me? There is no error log or sth like that
  4. i'm using common_drop only
  5. Guys Can someone please help me..
  6. Target Info is showing the Drops but sometimes few Items arent listed for example: Player clicked one time on Monster ?-Info dont saw sword+9 clicked again and it was there.. could you please help Bro ?
  7. Hey guys, i was thinking about how i Can change the calculation of elemental bonuses, for example strong against Fire but i really dont know since official servers did something very special there.. Below i listed some examples, hopefully someone Can help Start Hit Damage without wearing a pendant (having 0 % ATT_FIRE) = 663 Player wearing Pendant+1 (With 1% ATT_FIRE) == 811 Hit Damage Player wearing Pendant +20 (With 20% ATT_FIRE) == 906 Hit Damage Player wearing Pendant +100 (With 100% ATT_FIRE) == 1314-1390 Hit Damage Player wearing Pendant +200 (With 200% ATT_FIRE) == 1800-1900 Hit Damage those values are from official Server i think they started the calculation of the bonuses with a Base value like: 25% of the Damage from for example strong against animals and After that every % is just a small addition. We Can see that if we multiply the value you get from +1 Pendant its nearly the Damage of a +200 Pendant!) +1 = 811 +200 = 1900 As i did my research most of the players that play in official Server (lvl115+) and Even youtuber with 10.000 subscriber said the Basic value is the same Damage as you would get from having for example 25 % ATT_ANIMAL
  8. Hey, im Looking for someone who is experienced in writing with laravel/php etc. i have a Question, i will explain my Problem and if you want i can pay. please sent me a private message.
  9. Comment in introLogin the Key Error or delete it
  10. Syriza

    [RELEASE] Various Fixes #PART3

    thanks!! great user !
  11. Hey guys, i implemented a System and since then i get error Messages in my Client like: 0527 12:12:17538 :: Unknown window flag a 0527 12:12:17538 :: Unknown window flag t 0527 12:12:17538 :: Unknown window flag t 0527 12:12:17538 :: Unknown window flag a 0527 12:12:17538 :: Unknown window flag c 0527 12:12:17538 :: Unknown window flag h can somebody help me?