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  1. Sandworks

    Preview new pet Fenrir

    Agreed. xD But you gotta have some balls to rip off a game that is not dead at all (one of the latest updates) and then sell the results.
  2. Sandworks

    solved Game.core Generation

  3. Sandworks

    open New ban method

    Am I missing something? What I was trying to say is: 1) that if the player realizes that the feature is not a serverside feature then he can simply use f.e. process monitor to scan what does your binary do to his filesystem, registry, etc.. and right after that it is really easy to delete the file or folder 2) that there is no reason to create the file or folder (I think it does not matter since it's just a breaking point) outside of the client's folder because it is pretty rude. What else do you want to delete? EDIT: Now I gotcha. My bad. I was two steps forward but forgot to make the first one.
  4. Sandworks

    open New ban method

    Cool idea. But imho rather a system hidden file property could be applied instead of creating a file out of the client's folder. I know you called it an ugly_ban and that it is supposed to block ugly_people but still I find it unnecessary. Every player blocked will think of it as a server bound process unless he is able to track down your steps. In that case he is also able to remove the file all over again to unban himself and then whatever path becomes useless.
  5. Sandworks

    open [Problem]Alchemy with refine Rubin slot

    If I remember well it has something to do with common/lenght
  6. Sandworks

    solved White Ground Textures

    Show us an ingame example.
  7. Sandworks

    Youtubers and Streamers

    Are you aware of the fact that this is not a flag of the U.K. nor the U.S.A.? Sorry for offtopic but this just made my day.
  8. Yep, it might be related to cache or something. Next time try to reboot your PC ahah.
  9. Hmmm, recently I faced this too but restart of the WE made it for me. Did you try to T and F6? What version of WE do you use?
  10. Sandworks

    open Aquastone fix with cube

    Does not the cube.txt have an "allow_copy" attribute that copies and transfers the bonuses and stones to the new item if it's set to 1? I guess it is a native function of the cube but if I am wrong you could take a look at this thread and do the same for stones. EDIT: I just noticed that you said that the bonuses are kept in your item. Then you probably need the second option.
  11. I might be wrong but from the first time I changed the names of these "japanese" folders (ca. 8 yrs ago) I never ever had a problem with anything related to the property pack/folder. Ehh. Just rename it? It does not matter what's the name, the property will be registred in any case. Change my mind.
  12. Sandworks

    WorldEditor ReMIX

    If you want to save the atlas correctly you have to load the map, press T to set the camera to angle from that all the objects are visible, then press F6 to re-render the shadows (it may take some time) and finally you can press the save atlas button which will save the atlas to your WorldEditor folder.
  13. Sandworks

    WorldEditor ReMIX

    Did you press T to set the correct view and then F6 to re-render the shadow and minimap .dds images?
  14. Sandworks

    open skill 6

    Lately I faced this problem too. If I remember well I just replaced all the 6th skill files within the pc/pc2 archive with files from different client and all started working perfectly.