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As we well know website liquiron.com was officially off - no reason given for this action.
I personally would not want to look for the icons manually after the folder icon and other game files.
I decided to do a page with all of the icons to the game, the ability to save, download, link source.
The site has been equipped with two languages: English and Polish on the ground that that will be promoted on the Polish forums.
We want to facilitate you finding icons and downloading. This will help you in making a presentation server and generally .. easily.
I will strive to plugging the topic as will some interest. I hope the hejt that copy, etc., only that page is no longer working and is a page that replaces that one.

(Sorry my bad english)

Link to the page:
(Last updated: 09/26/2015 22:03)


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The site has been updated in Polish & English. We are still working on adding all the renders we have. We will try to do today.
Regards, administration IconMetin2

Great - Wolę pomyśleć sam.. na razie tym się nie bawiłem, zaktualizuje do końca i w nocy mam wolny czas to pobawie się jakimś javascriptem.

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Yes, I know .. renderings may have been added much earlier .. but for reasons pondering if they add without having to download a little bit delayed.
I came to the conclusion that that is not possible .. if I add the display so that the browser will charge that the damage talk .. just a pseudo technicians to order and say DO IT javascript - I tried .. but I did not think that with more images javascript is failing . What I mean? Jams and does not load images .. all in all not surprised to .. many of them are .. :) So going to senda this post. When you click on the tab Renders start downloading all that I had, renders the disk. Pack files bundled weighs only 139 MB and renders is very, very much :)
Sorry my english is bad.. :)

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