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How to check the reliability of a seller or a customer?

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Metin2 Dashboard
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For a few months now, I have been developing scripts, cron jobs for creating new tools based on information from the forum database and Discord... The goal is to provide a dashboard that lists all the useful information, already public. There are several sections within the Metin2 Dashboard, each providing similar information by cross-referencing different data sources. See this topic as a guide to help customer or seller identify a suspicious user...



Untrusted -> This dashboard lists all users who are known for the following reasons: Scamming, Scamming (Abuse Refund), Reselling or Leaking... The data comes from the forum and from an external database when they are not registered on the forum. You can filter information by forum account name if available, by discord username, discord user account id and all information displayed. Shortcut buttons are also available to quickly access the member's profile on the forum or to find potential multi accounts.


Multi Accounts

Accounts -> This dashboard lists all multi accounts linked recursively by IP (This information is much less reliable because of VPNs, proxies and the TOR onion network...) or by Device (This information is reliable...), provided that one of the detected accounts is banned... You can click on members' names to access their profiles.



Search -> This dashboard allows you to search for an account within the forum. You can search by username, discord username, discord user account id, skype, website and much more... Account status is displayed and a link to the pillory is available if the account is banned. Thus, with the shortcuts you can quickly access the member's profile, find the potential multi accounts or consult all the reactions given by the member.



Discord -> This dashboard lists all the Discord accounts that have joined our Discord server at least once. Thus, you can know the account that the member uses on the forum if it is associated and see the information of his Discord account within our Discord server (If he is still present or if he is banned for example...).



Metin2 Dashboard

  • Sometimes you need to combine multiple searches by username, discord username or discord user account id.
  • Privilege the id of the discord account without neglecting other information during a search.
  • Check seller customer reviews and member feedbacks using this dashboard -> Marketplace.

Metin2 Dev

  • Although we try to verify the reliability of each seller, it is strongly recommended to check the activity of the member and thus consult his releases and the help he brings to the members of the forum.
  • We are not the only forum in the Metin2 communities, however it may be useful to check on these forums, if this member is known to have scammed, resold or given copyrighted material to another member.
  • Ask for user accounts on various forums, ask if they have purchased from other people before, make sure the seller and buyer are known and trusted on the community.
  • You can check the seniority of the member, check if he has already sold or bought to a known member...


Finally, if you have any doubts about the reliability of the information displayed, you can contact us (By opening a ticket on the Discord server). The information displayed is given as an indication and can't engage my responsibility in the event of a scam... The information is updated regularly, automatically or manually depending on the context and the source of the data.

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