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Emerald2 - we're looking for STAFF


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Dear Community,

Emerald2 is a project developed in Romania, which wants to become an international project.

We have been working on this server for about 3/4 months with a very good team of developers.

We have noticed that the International Metin2 Community is not hard servers or Old-School servers

So together with the Emerald2-Team we decided to open an Old-School project that will evolve over time.

We are now coming before you with a request.

                                                                                        We are currently looking for members to join the Emerald2-Team

 So what positions are free to apply?

 UI designers, 2D and 3D artists are always welcome.

Community Manager > France🇫🇷, Hungary🇭🇺, Poland🇵🇱, Greece🇬🇷

Trial Game Master > France🇫🇷, Hungary🇭🇺, Poland🇵🇱, Greece🇬🇷

What skills should a UI designer really have?


Photoshop skills
             Basic knowledge of UI/UX guidelines
             A hell of creativity
              Competency to work with 2D and 3D artists to make game-ready design assets

 What skills should a 2D artist really have?

 Having the talent to draw graphics for the game (loading screens, concept arts)
              Deftness to draw with digitalizing boards
              Also a really really really lot of creativity

What skills should a 3D artist really have?

 Knowledge for using 3DSMax (it's good if you can work with other programs too)

             Being able to work by concept arts and by-heart also

We are also working on a discord server at this point.
It was not made public at the momen

To contact me, please enter discord or private on this community

  I'll show the official discord server, those who want to enter

We'll soon publish teaser + a mini-presentation !








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