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  1. Solved. There was an int in warp packets and it needed to be BYTE. Thank you all for your interesting!
  2. Standard maps which aren't repeating. What infos? I don't have new maps, only the standard ones.
  3. I don't use pf or ipfw... I use it only on official server, but this problem occurs on 2-3 test servers without pf or ipfw
  4. Nothing, It only disconnects me and then I can relog without any problem. Sometimes it tells me in syslog "success to" (3514 random port, I don't know why) and I can't log in, only if I do a reboot
  5. CH1 core1: CH1 core2: CH1 core3: game99:
  6. I tried that too, I even added more GB Rams, I tested with more VPS and dedicated server too, no luck...
  7. Did you check owner and permissions for safebox table in db/mysql/player/ ? Owner must be mysql and you need to give it permissions.
  8. Hi everyone, I have a little problem. If I have only one core per channel there's no problem, but if I use 2 or more cores with 15/15 maps for example, if I teleport from core1 to core2 there's no problem. If I teleport from core2 to core1 it kicks me out and I can relog without problems. This happens only in descending order (core3 to core2, core2 to core1 for example). I checked every map index, there are no index that repeats. Also, I checked every port and they're open in pf.conf and ipfw.rules. What can I do? Thank you in advance.
  9. Bump Edit: it only happens in an offline shop. In the normal private shop I can put what price I want and there's no problem. Edit2: problem solved.
  10. Hello everyone, I have a little problem. I just implemented Offline shop by Great and the only problem I have is that if I put an item in the shop with price above gold it will have or a random signed number or 0 gold. If I try to edit the price for that item after I opened the shop I can set the price I want without any problem. I think (but I'm not sure) the problem is in uicommon.py. Every answer will be appreciated ?
  11. Oh, I checked it out now and I realized that I had % instead of %u. Thank you!!
  12. Yes, it's the same as in the source.

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