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  1. If you buy the system from @VegaS™ contact @VegaS™.
  2. I tested the script several times in real time without any problems
  3. Hello community, I decided to create a script for local and remote backups, I left the code as organized and clean as possible. Requirements -sshpass Install sshpass cd /usr/ports/security/sshpass/ && make install clean pkg install sshpass Script # DB Settings MY_HOST = localhost MY_USER = root MY_PASS = 123 # Path Backups BCPPATH = /Testes OUTPATH = /temp_sql # SF Settings SFPATCH = /usr/Server/ SFCLEAR = clear.sh # Remote Settings R_HOST= IP R_USER= USERNAME R_PASS= PASSWORD R_PATH= /home/backups # Date Settings DATE != date +%d-%m-%Y--%H-%M-%S backup: mkdir -p $(BCPPATH)$(OUTPATH) mkdir -p $(BCPPATH)/$(DATE) @/usr/local/bin/mysqldump -u $(MY_USER) -p$(MY_PASS) -h $(MY_HOST) account | gzip -9 > $(BCPPATH)$(OUTPATH)/account_$(DATE).sql.gz @/usr/local/bin/mysqldump -u $(MY_USER) -p$(MY_PASS) -h $(MY_HOST) common | gzip -9 > $(BCPPATH)$(OUTPATH)/common_$(DATE).sql.gz @/usr/local/bin/mysqldump -u $(MY_USER) -p$(MY_PASS) -h $(MY_HOST) player | gzip -9 > $(BCPPATH)$(OUTPATH)/player_$(DATE).sql.gz @/usr/local/bin/mysqldump --no-data -u $(MY_USER) -p$(MY_PASS) -h $(MY_HOST) log | gzip -9 > $(BCPPATH)$(OUTPATH)/log_$(DATE).sql.gz cd $(BCPPATH)/$(DATE) && tar -zcvf db_$(DATE).tgz $(BCPPATH)$(OUTPATH) cd $(BCPPATH)/$(DATE) && tar -zcvf game_$(DATE).tgz $(SFPATCH) sshpass -p '$(R_PASS)' ssh $(R_USER)@$(R_HOST) "mkdir -p $(R_PATH)/$(DATE)" sshpass -p '$(R_PASS)' scp $(BCPPATH)/$(DATE)/game_$(DATE).tgz $(BCPPATH)/$(DATE)/db_$(DATE).tgz $(R_USER)@$(R_HOST):$(R_PATH)/$(DATE) rm -rf $(BCPPATH)$(OUTPATH)/* Save script with name Makefile and assign permissions 0777 Change the script settings How To Use (Manual) cd /path && make backup How To Use (Crontab) (Automatic) crontab -e If you want the backup 1 time per day use: 0 0 * * * cd /path && make backup If you want the backup 1 time per hour: 0 * * * * cd /path && make backup In case you want to customize the time can do it on the site crontabgenerator.com After setting cron save and exit SHIFT + : w <- SAVE q <- QUIT Best regards, Papix
  4. Sup! When I wear the costumes everything is ok but when I equip 1 costume when 1 other is equipped what happens in the gif. [Hidden Content] If anyone can help me thank you!
  5. Hello community, Due to the situation of closing servers by GF, which companies advise me? I'm looking for a dedicated server company, with good Protection DDoS and webhost. Is it safe to continue using cloudflare? I think the answers in this topic will help many people.

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