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  1. ツ's post in error: unable to find library was marked as the answer   
    cd /usr/m2_project && sh m2sh.sh Clean All => 310 Compile SubLib => 309 306 305 304 307 308 Compile Main Project => 303 302 301 One per One.
  2. ツ's post in What packages should I install for FreeBSD 12 and Mainline ? was marked as the answer   
    I use:
    python27 gmake
  3. ツ's post in M2DEV profile-background image was marked as the answer   
    Feature for special rank (dev, artist, vip...) not for the rank member.
    PS: Your signature is too large. I invite you to reduce it, please.
  4. ツ's post in [Question]Random client crash with no syserr was marked as the answer   
    Live Debug with Visual Studio 😛 
  5. ツ's post in SysLog - QUERY : LONG INTERVAL was marked as the answer   
    I had this error on a cheap and not very powerful dedicated server.
    I migrated the server, it's been better since then. There may be another explanation  

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