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  • General Conditions of Sale
  • Last Update: 20 August 2021
  • Preamble

    The website is a publisher of products and services for members of the website, marketed through the website https://metin2.dev/. The list and description of the services offered by the website can be viewed in the store.

  • Products / Services

    The website offers virtual services that provide access to additional features on the website or advertising spaces.

  • Pricing Terms

    The prices indicated are in euros and excluding taxes and any promotion and precisely determined on the product description pages. They are also indicated in euros all taxes included on the product order page. The services are invoiced at the rate in effect on the day the order is placed.

  • Delivery Terms

    The website does not apply any delivery costs.

    Digital services such as: subscription are delivered to the customer upon validation and finalization of the order. Digital services of the type: advertising, are delivered to the customer as soon as the advertising is validated and activated on the website by an administrator after having verified that it was not contrary to our rules, in which case we cancel the order and proceed to a refund on the payment method used when ordering.

    The website undertakes to check the services of the type: advertising, within 3 days of receiving the validation of the order.

  • Conclusion of the contract

    Any order for services implies unreserved acceptance of these general conditions of sale, supplemented or amended by our special conditions, which cancel any contrary clause that may appear in the conditions of purchase, order forms, or other commercial documents.

    The website reserves the right to modify these at any time by publishing a new version on its website. The General Conditions of Sale then applicable are those in force on the date of payment for the order or the first payment in the event of multiple payments.

    The website also ensures that their acceptance is clear and unreserved by setting up a checkbox and a validation click. The customer declares to have read all of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, and, where applicable, the Special Terms and Conditions of Sale related to a product or service, and to accept them without restriction or reservation. The customer acknowledges that he has received the advice and information necessary to ensure that the offer meets his needs.

    The customer will have the opportunity during his ordering process to identify any errors made in entering data and to correct them. The language offered for the conclusion of the contract is English.

  • Refund Terms

    The website may have to refuse an order or cancel an order if it is against our rules. The cancellation of an order entails the immediate refund of the sums paid on the means of payment used during the validation of the order.

  • Payment Terms

    Unless special conditions, invoices are payable on the date of the order. In the event of late payment, the website may suspend all pending orders. Any sum not paid on the due date shown on the invoice does not generate any additional interest. The website's payment method is PayPal or Transfer Bank.

  • Renewal Terms

    The digital services of the website may offer a tacit renewal agreement for products such as: advertising, paid grade. The customer can refuse the renewal by default when confirming his order or subsequently in his customer area. The invoiced price is identical to that of the initial order. The renewal period is indicated on each product page.

    The customer is informed one week before the product expires of the automatic renewal of his service, if the means of payment used when ordering is still valid, it will be used to validate the renewal invoice. In the event of payment failure, a grace period of 3 days is granted to the customer to rectify the situation, if applicable the product expires.

  • Retractation Terms

    The website offers digital products and services which take effect as soon as the order is confirmed, so you waive your right of withdrawal. The website ensures that the customer waives his right of withdrawal with a checkbox and a validation click when validating the order.

Important Information

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