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[Request] Battle Arena - maps & quest files



Hey guys, I was wondering does anyone know of any working battle arenas? if so it'd be greatly appreciated if you could upload the files or direct me to location where they've been released.




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He means the thing from yu-hawn. The one with 4 arenas for dueling, that you use for pvp events ;).

And i think he wants it for 34k. I've tried in the past to make it work, but it was no succes :D.

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The Yuh-Hwan arena is one thing, the PvP event is another, although they use the same map apparently.


For the PVP Event which was made by musicinstructor while we worked together at the SG team we added new walkable areas to the original map and lowered the height of the rings due to a glitch in the rings mdatr file. You can find the map and the edited mdatr in the WoM client http://metin2dev.org/board/topic/462-world-of-metin2-beta-client-34k/

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