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[Help] mainline not start libpng15.so.15



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Had the same problem some time ago. First I was just trying to copy the libs but I didn't work, so I installed gcc4.8, devil, libmng and googletest, and now it's perfect. I don't exactly know which one includes this, but you might need all of them.

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Can you tell me the name of ports i have to install, and maybe his directory? :)

gcc4.8, devil, libmng and googletest

http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en/articles/custom-gcc/article.html (just use gcc48 instead of gcc44)






I have install, and now no compile:



you know why?


i have also try with: gmake -j20 and not compile again...


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First of all I think its not a good idea to use an newer compiler in your release build.

I think there is a reaon of ymir for using an old compiler.


And try this:



BTW: Set your compiler in your makefile back to g++ and gcc instead of g++48 and gcc48.


Kind regards



I have try it but no compile...

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