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which socket pct goes where tho? say i put 1 in vnum 12 / 2 in vnum 13 and 3 in vnum 14 it will do nothing ;/


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same with specular, i set 65 for +2 , 80 for +3 and 100 for +4 , this is just the "shining" effect, not the actual stars ;/ 

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Figured out that socket_pct 8 sets that weapons +2, +3, +4 shine like +7, +8, +9 if that's useful to any1 :)


Works same for armors ;) so socket_pct 8 makes armors +2/+3/+4 skine like +7, +8, +9

Also im guessing if u want to start 'blue stars' from +0 it will be socket_pct 10 (not tested tho) Hope its useful to any1 ;)

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