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Spam System Python

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Hello guys,

A few months ago i made a spam system in python, it was a really shitty one , so yesterday i decided to make a better one... I know it is not hard to make one, and if its made in c++ is better, but for the people who cant make source modifications and don?t know python here is the system:
def __SendChatPacket(self, text, type):
# if text[0] == '/':
# pass
# else:
# return
prevtext = self.GetLastSentenceText()
if net.IsChatInsultIn(text):
chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, localeInfo.CHAT_INSULT_STRING)

#Writing Fast System START
if app.GetTime() < self.lasttime + WAITINGTIMEBETWEENMESSAGE:
chat.AppendChat(1, "[WARNING]WOW man calm down your writing too fast!")
#Writing Fast System END

#Spam system START
WAITINGTIME = 60 #in seconds
if self.count == MAXSPAMCOUNT+1:
if app.GetTime() < self.penaltytime:
chat.AppendChat(1, "[PENALTY]Muted 1 minute, time remaining: " + str(int(self.penaltytime - app.GetTime())) + " seconds")
self.count = 0

elif self.count == MAXSPAMCOUNT:
chat.AppendChat(1, "[PENALTY]Muted 1 minute")
self.count = MAXSPAMCOUNT+1
self.penaltytime = app.GetTime()+WAITINGTIME

if len(self.lastSentenceStack) > 1:
if text == prevtext:
self.count = self.count+1
chat.AppendChat(1, "[WARNING]You are spamming!If you persist you will have a penalty. (" + str(self.count) + "/5)")
elif str(self.GetLastSentenceText()) != text:
self.count = 0

#Spam system END

net.SendChatPacket(text, type)
self.lasttime = app.GetTime()

def GetLastSentenceText(self):
lastSentence = self.lastSentenceStack[len(self.lastSentenceStack)-2]
return lastSentence 
I made it to be simple to be costumised so you guys want to change the penalty time or the spam count only need to change this:
WAITINGTIME -> The spam time penalty
MAXSPAMCOUNT -> The number of times players can spam
I also made a simple code so the players need to wait between messages.
WAITINGTIMEBETWEENMESSAGE -> The waiting time between messages
Also add this in __init__ function:
self.count = 0
self.penaltytime = 0
self.lasttime = 0
I hope it was helpfull,
Kind Regards,
- Daan(i dont know how he is called in the forum) - gave me the idea of the waiting time between messages
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That's interesting, but what if your client gets unpacked? This system could be disabled easy. And don't tell me things like "it won't be unpacked". Clients are unpacked easy.

You could try to do this system in C++ for the source. You could add a real chat block.

And one more thing: if you write too fast the server will automatically disconnect you.

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This is a system has i said for the ones who dont know how to compile source... I know it can be removed if the client is unpacked, but i dont see any other way to make it without the possibility to be removed.I thing there is already a spam system in c++.

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