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Alot of questions in section Guides


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Hello Metin2dev members!


It comes to my attention that there are alot of questions in the section Guides & HowTo.


Maybe it's time to clean that section (task for the team members)


And for the normal members to post their questions in the right section (Questions & Answers)


I hope 1 of the team members read this and has time to clean that section.


Kind regards



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With so admins, little chance.
Let's face it, admins do not deal at all.
Only enter once a day, staying only 1 minute and ready.
I have a feeling that will not withstand infinite metin2dev.



Because you requested a developer rank and you didn't get it don't flame at admins.


We're not a 24h slaves to check every second if the topic is at the right section, we have personal life too.

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I cleaned the Guides & Howto section, if you find more content which shouldn't be on that place or it's inappropriate, please report it.


The first reply that actually makes sense.

Thanks for that.


To the others: Shouldn't you be ashamed? We all know that you're not 24/7 slaves but if people have to suggest more often than once that this section should be cleaned it's clearly not a healthy condition for the forum. You applied for it so stop complaining about people telling you that you'd actually do your job. You are the ones here who should keep it clean and you can't tell me that every moderator has literally no time for it. It's not about cleaning it as fast as possible, he mentioned that you should clean it at least once. Additionally, you shouldn't undo your duty as a moderator with simple phrases like "report it or we won't do anything". Being a moderator also includes to look for such things even if they aren't reported. And you can't tell me that it's hidden - the section was nearly spammed by questions.

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what would you do in a battle of survival?

It's coming soon

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