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Get Guild Max Level

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Hello metin2dev,
I will teach you how to modify the necessary EXP to level up the guild , for the binary.
Browse to your source folder -> UserInterface -> Locale.cpp and Search for:
static const int GUILD_LEVEL_MAX = 20;
Edit 20 with your max level.

Under this you will find:

8000000UL, // 18
10000000UL, // 19
42000000UL // 20

After 20 , add the coma , then add the rest.

Dont forget to remove the coma at the leatest value.
For example:


420000000UL, // 20
62300000UL, // 21
13512511UL // 22

That's all. :)

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Binary -> UserInterface/PythonGuild.cpp



Edit 20 with your max level.

Source -> common/length.h


GUILD_MAX_LEVEL            = 20,

Edit 20 with your max level.

Source -> game/src/constants.cpp


const DWORD guild_exp_table[GUILD_MAX_LEVEL+1] =

Edit this const with the same way and values as your Locale.cpp in UserInterface of your Binary. Once done, copy all the ULs and paste them to the const below this one (DWORD guild_exp_table2[GUILD_MAX_LEVEL+1])


Tutorial is now completed :)

Kind regards ~ Mind Rapist

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