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Source Client Clean & Fixed


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In a few days / hours you will post the best source to client: D


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-Binary Folder (The place is saved .exe after compilation.)

-extern Folder (You realize only)

-source Folder ( Contain source files .cpp and .h )

-vs_files Folder ( Containt files that's necesary for visual studio )



List of fix and definitions:

Python >2.2 long overflow
All mount can attack
All toolset set to v120_xp (Windows xp compatibility)  include source files of the client and library, all set to v120)xp toolset


Cryptopp 5.6.2
boost 1.55

I did not do updates because in my opinion are not required.

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-library builder folder(This folder contains source to absolutely all the libraries it needs client.
All can be built with Visual Studio 2013.)
I solved all compilation errors, absolutely everything.
There are only three errors that you will solve soon: D
Currently working on the client, I want to pass it on OpenGL: D For linux.
The link will appear in about a few hours / days, up to you if you are interested in the source :))))
Soon windows server (Game & db)
All projects in libraries (CWebBrowser, EffectLib etc. ..) are made by me with their own settings different from the Ymir.
And if you are obedient to post a cythonized client source.
If you are interested, I'll post it. So it is pointless: D

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Pleasw wait 24h , i make a special root files for this client src
If you find bugs, leave message in topic so I can fix them, each update will be posted here.
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24h,  I whant to make a special root for src :D

hi... i dont know how to fix dev line cython ..

<.< have too much problem with the py in rootlib...... packet different for the quest (work with quest_flag c_index)..


packet.h dev line cython.

typedef struct packet_script
BYTE header;
WORD size;
BYTE skin;
WORD src_size;
BYTE quest_flag;  *********
} TPacketGCScript;
typedef struct packet_quest_info
BYTE header;
WORD size;
WORD index;
WORD c_index;  **********
BYTE flag;

} TPacketGCQuestInfo;


but is bugged XD

and if you change the packet and change the .py can login ect ect......but have a bug with quest windows cant close XD .......and i think is the revision more  unstable !!

absolutely  not recommend .......

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Why i can't use romanian ip? I have hosts from gazduirejocuri.ro...

Because I want, I blocked all IP from romania.
I do not want plain and simple.
I have my reasons.
And do not ask me about it.
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